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Birth and Family Education

Miami Valley Hospital’s birth and family education program, taught by registered nurses certified in childbirth education, teaches you and your family about labor, birth and infant care.

The following classes are offered to help you and your family prepare for your new addition. Class prices are subject to change. All prices include a support person, unless otherwise indicated.

Childbirth Preparation Series

Know what to expect during labor and birth. This comprehensive class focuses on in-depth preparation for the birth experience. The focus is on learning comfort measures, relaxation, labor support, breathing techniques, as well as what medication options are available for labor and birth. Topics also include: C-section, epidurals and mother/baby care immediately after delivery. A great way to make the transition to becoming a family. A free tour of the facility is included.

The Childbirth Preparation series is held on the same week day for 4 weeks.

Fee: $60

Weekend Blitz Condensed Childbirth Class

Know what to expect during labor and birth. This six-hour weekend class is a condensed course that focuses on what you should know for your birth experience. Topics include labor support and comfort measures, medication options, C-section, epidurals and more. A great way to refresh if you're an experienced parent, or to get the basic knowledge you need in a time crunch. Due to time constraints, bringing your lunch is strongly encouraged. A free tour of the facility can be scheduled on a different day.

This class does not meet Family Beginnings patients' education requirement.

Fee: $60

Birthing Naturally Childbirth Class

This course is designed for those planning to birth using natural coping techniques and is recommended for those planning to deliver in the MVH Family Beginnings Birth Center. Participants will learn what to expect during labor and birth and how to use relaxation, water, breathing, movement and massage to cope with and enhance contractions. Medical interventions are also discussed, but not focused upon. Dress comfortably, as you will be doing relaxation exercises at class. Pillows, snacks or bottled beverages are optional.

This class is held as a 4-week series or 2-day weekend.

Fee: $60

Breastfeeding Success

Learn the art and science of providing the perfect nutrition before baby's arrival. Emphasis is on strategies to promote successful breastfeeding. Topics include: how to avoid common breastfeeding issues, dispelling breastfeeding myths and tips on ensuring an adequate milk supply. Basic information about returning to work and pumping is also discussed. Male or female support persons are welcome.

Fee: $30

Caring for Your Amazing Newborn

Babies don't come with directions, but this class gives new parents basic infant care and parenting skills for navigating the first weeks and months of new parenting. This class is held as a 2-week series or a one-day weekend. First-time parents are encouraged to attend. Content includes tips and tricks for feeding, diapering and bathing; basic CPR and choking instructions for infants (note: this is not a certification class); details on infant safety and childproofing your home; information regarding cloth diapers, environmentally-safe baby care product and cleaners; and lots more! Other caregivers are welcome to attend (grandparents, adoptive parents, etc.). Feel free to bring bottled water or snacks. For weekend participants, a brown bag lunch is encouraged.

Fee: $40

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Class

This class provides information that helps your child explore their role in their expanding family. Learn simple, age-appropriate infant care techniques and participate in insightful DVD and group discussion. A tour of where mother and baby stay is included. Content is appropriate for ages 4 to 10, older siblings are welcome. Siblings are encouraged to bring a favorite doll or stuffed animal. 

Fee: $10.00 for first child, $5 for each additional child

Birthing and Mother/Baby Room Tour

This brief walking tour will orient you to the beautiful birthing and mother/baby rooms. It will also give you some basic information about what to expect when you deliver at Miami Valley Hospital. Expectant mothers are encouraged to bring one support person. Children are not permitted on these tours.


Multiple Miracles Childbirth Class

Find yourself blessed with twins, triplets or more? We have a class just for you! This class will highlight unique information about pregnancy, birth and early parenting for multiples. A tour of the birthing facility, operating room and NICU is included. You will enjoy spending time with other couples while you learn about the stages of labor, vaginal and cesarean birth,  breastfeeding more than one baby and managing daily routines.

This class is held as a 2 week series at Miami Valley Hospital once a month. Please plan to take the class by 28 weeks if you

are having twins and by 24-26 weeks for triplets or more. This class is intended to complement our other childbirth education class offerings. If you are participating in our Multiple Miracles program, please see your nurse about enrolling in this course.

Fee: $40

For More Information

Visit our calendar to register for childbirth classes, or call (937) 208-BABY (2229)(937) 208-BABY (2229). Registration is required for all classes and tours.

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Learn About Childbirth

The Premier Health Library offers a wealth of information about childbirth. Learn about conditions, treatments, how to prepare for childbirth and much more.

Content Updated: September 1, 2016

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