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About CareFlight Air and Mobile Services

CareFlight Air and Mobile Services (Careflight) has become an icon of Miami Valley Hospital (MVH). The program serves more than 150 hospitals and more than 300 community life squads, fire departments, and police departments in over 17 counties. Since its beginning in 1983, Careflight has completed over 51,000 flights.

CareFlight's distinctive Dauphin helicopters are equipped as mobile ICUs (Intensive Care Units) with the latest in medical technology and most advanced communication equipment available. CareFlight helicopters are available 24 hours a day.

In addition to three helicopters, CareFlight includes three mobile intensive care units (MICUs) for ground transport. The MICUs are fully-equipped intensive care units that are in service 24 hours a day. The MICUs cover a 75-mile radius from MVH, and CareFlight air ambulances serve a 150-mile radius. This includes most of Ohio and parts of West Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana.

CareFlight is backed by a staff of over 100 professionals. The team includes nurses, paramedics, pilots, mechanics, communications specialists, and emergency medical technicians. All are dedicated to the health and safety of those needing immediate medical care and swift transport.

Careflight helicopters are maintained and operated by Air Methods Corp, and the program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

Rapid Response

MVH has numerous systems in place for rapid response when CareFlight brings patients to care. Trauma Alerts that have needed specialists waiting and "Direct to Operating Room (OR)" availability shaves even more minutes off the time it takes to get patients to the right care at MVH.

Another system, put in place to speed getting help to those who need it, is the “Batphone.” The "Batphone" is a system that CareFlight has set up with other hospitals to minimize the time required to communicate need. At hospitals that frequently use CareFlight, a phone has been installed, often in the emergency room (ER). This red phone has no dial. A physician or staff member simply picks up the phone for immediate contact and it rings in to the The Access and Transfer Center.