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CareFlight Air and Mobile Services (CareFlight) is an air and ground ambulance service that provides critical care to severely injured or ill patients.

There is great team effort behind CareFlight. Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) staff as well as police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, have extensive experience, and work together to save lives.

A large percentage of all patients transported by CareFlight are brought to MVH. Often those needing care are trauma patients and are either flown from the scene or transferred from another facility for admission to MVH's Level I Trauma Center. The balance of those transported are cardiac, surgical, obstetrical, and other critical care patients.

Overall, CareFlight works with many health care agencies and professionals to swiftly and safely transport patients between hospitals and directly from accident scenes.

Superior Communication

The CareFlight Air and Mobile Services Communications Center (Communications Center) is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by communication specialists who also have extensive emergency medical services (EMS) experience. The Communications Center becomes a one-stop-shop for transportation. Communication specialists connect with a referring physician or a medical control physician to get transfers accepted and to facilitate the transfer. They handle the details to make it happen. The communications center monitors weather, tracks and follows the vehicles, and ensures communication occurs.


CareFlight ensures that teams that work together to provide medical care and transport for those in need are continuously educated on new information in the field. CareFlight nurses and paramedics provide continuing education in the form of medical lectures and safety training to rural hospitals, including local emergency personnel, to help give the region the best emergency care available. In addition, fire and local EMS departments are also trained by CareFlight teams in critical procedures such as landing zone set-up and self- and patient safety. The team educates local paramedics for their certification, as well.

CareFlight also participates in many programs for the public, such as Drive Smart, a drug and alcohol awareness program for high school students. It ispresented by CareFlight, MVH Trauma, local police, fire, and EMS. This is a 60-minute program where an accident scene with casualties is simulated. The simulation of death and injury has been made as real as possible, in an effort to make students aware of the effects of bad choices. One student is given an alcohol test, while others go through the full procedure of being taken away by ambulance and CareFlight. This powerful simulation brings home the message of safety to a young, receptive audience, and also reminds all involved of the need to make smart driving decisions for the benefit of all on the road.  

Another program offered by CareFlight Air and Mobile Services is the Sim Man Universal Patient Simulator. Using a highly realistic human simulator, crews and medics learn to assess, recognize, and treat difficult airway issues with various interventions in a safe, non-life-threatening environment. This training brings patient interaction and critical competencies to life for participants and allows them to gain continuing education credits. 

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