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The Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Bull Family Diabetes Center is Dayton’s only fully-integrated program that offers outpatient care, hospitalized care, education, and full-time physician practice dedicated to diabetes under one roof.

The center has an Internal Medicine Physician and an Endocrinologist who both focus exclusively on diabetes. Approaching the patient as a person with diabetes first, they can treat the patient best for his or her condition. Their expertise of the disease enables them to spot and respond to diabetes-related conditions quickly. They also have fast access to specialists, who handle these conditions and can get patients to the correct care quickly.

The diabetes doctors offer to manage diabetes while the patient is being treated in the hospital for something else. Since diabetes affects and is affected by other conditions close monitoring of hospitalized patients can have a profoundly positive effect on their outcome, require a shorter stay, and keep complications from arising.


The Center often sees the newly diagnosed patient. The comprehensive education series is popular with them. This is a series of four classes, usually attended weekly or every other week. The class on dining out is very popular, as is the advanced carbohydrate-counting class. One-on-one sessions are available with a diabetes nurse educator for a patient's specific needs. Evening and weekend classes are available for the patients’ convenience. Many patients living with diabetes for a long time come for ongoing education.

The center offers several classes on managing diabetes.

  • The Comprehensive Series is for patients who are newly-diagnosed and new to diabetes treatment. It provides an overview of the disease and is a primer for lifestyle changes. The two classes are introduction to diabetes, carbohydrate counting, and lifestyle management, including exercise.
  • Advanced Carb-Counting provides information on monitoring and planning a diet based on reduced carbohydrates, since diet is of such monumental importance for the person with diabetes.
  • Insulin Start provides patients with information on the basics of insulin, what it does, and when and how to perform injections. 
  • Multiple Daily Injection (MDI) teaches patients the intricacies of insulin injection and intensive insulin management.
  • Eating Out provides information about best decisions to make when patients are dining out and have less control over choices.

Other available classes include:

  • Medication Management
  • Pump Therapy Education And Training
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Self-Care and Self-Management Training
  • Group and Individual Education
  • Gestational Diabetes Management

Facilitators discuss the need for exercise in many classes. As needed, the staff also does group or one-on-one classes with patients.

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