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About the Bull Family Diabetes Center

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Bull Family Diabetes Center offers those living with diabetes both outpatient and hospitalized care for treatment of their disease.

Primary care physicians refer their patients to the Bull Family Diabetes Center for either education or care, or both. Often when a patient is first diagnosed with diabetes, the family physician sends them for education programs that will teach them how to manage the disease. They may also refer their patients to the care of the Center's physicians, who focus their practices entirely on diabetes care. In addition to clinical treatment, patients may have education annually, which is often covered by insurance.

Because of the nature of diabetes, the patient needs to make lifestyle changes and then regularly monitor their condition. The goal of the Center is self-management by the patient. Since diabetes is a progressive disease, some patients may come back for re-evaluation, education and adjustment of their treatment.

Some medical insurance, like Medicare, requires referral by a patient's primary care physician for coverage of education or treatment.