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About MVH Surgery Center

We are committed to providing high-quality, five star surgical care. During your visit, our team strives to provide you with very good care. Our main focus is your safety and privacy. We will explain what we are doing and why to always exceed your expectations.

More procedures are performed at Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Surgery Center than at any other hospital in the Dayton area.  MVH Surgery Center has 24 full-fledged surgical suites in the main building and three in the Berry Women’s Health Center.  More than 300 Miami Valley surgeons perform operations at MVH Surgery Center, working in many different disciplines. These include:

Dedication to Minimally Invasive Surgery

The MVH Surgery Center often introduces new surgical procedures and equipment to the region and becomes the education center where other surgeons learn how to do the procedure.  MVH Surgery Center has made a commitment to developing and improving minimally invasive procedures including the following surgical advancements:

  • First Robotic Surgery program in the area and the only local program with two robots dedicated to the minimally invasive treatment of colon, prostate, kidney, gynecological, and oncology surgery.
  • First Endovascular Surgical Suite in the region where minimally invasive carotid, aortic aneurysm, & peripheral artery surgery is done using an advanced imaging system.
  • Stealth Neurological & Ear, Nose & Throat system giving surgeons an improved 3-D view.

Minimally invasive surgery (sometimes called laparoscopic surgery) is done through small incisions.  Less invasive procedures have been made possible with more advanced real-time imaging equipment.  Instead of making a large incision, the surgeon is now able to do the same procedures through tiny holes in the skin using a camera and instruments.  The arthroscope, laparoscope, and robot have advanced imaging capability that paves the way for smaller incisions and improved visualization.

Advances in Anesthesia

At MVH, anesthesia is customized to each individual patient using the latest therapies. To help the anesthesiologist choose the most effective medications, a thorough discussion is done with the patient to identify what has worked in the past for pain relief. Through advanced monitoring, the anesthesiologist can better determine a level of anesthesia that is safe, yet effective. Another available option, nerve blocks, can provide some patients pain relief for up to several days. 

Less Pain and Discomfort

Advanced anesthesia and less invasive surgical procedures mean patients are able to move about and recover more quickly. This results in a shorter hospital stay, shorter recovery time, and a quicker return to the patient’s normal routine.