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MVH Surgical Procedures and Services

The Region's Leader in Surgery

  • There is no other hospital in the region capable of handling every surgical requirement.
  • Superior technology and over 350 experienced staff dedicated to patient safety and satisfaction.

Miami Valley Surgery Center's advances have made them a leader and an education center for surgeons and other hospitals in the Dayton area.

About half of MVH's surgeries are outpatient. Our focus on minimally invasive technologies and advanced anesthesia allows many patients to go home the same day of the next morning after surgery. Examples of these outpatient surgeries are gallbladder, hernia, tonsillectomy, cataract, septoplasty, bladder, tubal ligation, and many more.

24/7 Trauma Room

A Trauma Case is a patient with multiple, life-threatening injuries.  Miami Valley Hospital is a Level I Trauma Center capable of handling the most serious life-threatening injuries.  The MVH Surgery Center has a dedicated operating room that is always ready with  life-support equipment and surgical instrumentation to handle these most serious injuries. 

The Trauma program works closely with MVH's emergency room.  Trauma patients are brought to MVH by EMS units, CareFlight, and also as transfers from the MVH South Emergency Room and other hospitals.  MVH’s Level I Trauma Center provides care for patients in 17 counties in west central Ohio and eastern Indiana 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bone Marrow Transplants

MVH Surgery Center has the only Bone Marrow Transplant program for cancer patients in the Dayton area. Chemotherapy destroys stem cells in the bone marrow. By harvesting bone marrow seed material before treatment, it can be frozen and re-introduced into the patient’s system so his or her body can regenerate bone marrow after chemotherapy. There are two harvesting methods: analogous (where the marrow is harvested from the bone with a needle) and peripheral (where the stems cells are harvested from the patient's blood).

Heart Surgery

MVH Surgery Center has made great strides with less invasive heart procedures that lead to quicker recovery.  MVH is rated best in the Dayton area and in the top 50 nationally for overall cardiac care by Healthgrades, 2009.  Learn more about heart surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery

MVH has been certified as a Bariatric Center of Excellence by the Joint Commission. A specialized surgical unit with a dedicated bariatric team has 14 beds specifically for the needs of the weight loss surgery patients. MVH performs all currently approved procedures both open and laparoscopically and offers the most choices for bariatric surgery in the region. 

The unit was built from the ground up, addressing the needs of the bariatric patient: beds and furniture that support more weight, wider doorways, larger bathrooms, private rooms and warm decor. Each bed is equipped with an over-bed patient helper to make it easier to move themselves.  Each room also has a ceiling fan.

Advanced Surgical Tools

  • MVH is the first hospital in Ohio to provide area patients with access to the very latest cancer treatment technology through the NanoKnife IRE (Irreversible Electroporation) System. This new tool allows interventional radiologists and surgeons to remove lesions previously deemed inaccessible or inoperable because of being close to vital organs or blood vessels.
  • The da Vinci® robotic surgical system, from Intuitive Surgical, is being used at MVH Surgery Center for laparoscopic women's surgery, urology surgery and oncology surgery.
  • The Magellan™ Robotic System increases options for those suffering peripheral arterial disease (PAD) with pinpoint catheter navigation, 3D imaging and minimal arterial wall contact.
  • Advanced imaging systems allowing a better picture of a patient's condition has been an important aid to the surgeon.  Many diagnoses that once required exploratory surgery can now be seen with imaging.  This new view of the patient can give physicians three-dimensional images that allows them to perform the most minimally invasive procedure possible.
  • Cancer treatment has greatly benefited from advanced imaging techniques.  Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) is a minimally invasive procedure.  Smaller incisions are made, including an incision for the camera to guide the surgeon.  When removing a tumor, this method causes less surgical trauma, less incision pain, and a shorter hospital stay.
  • The lumpectomy is a minimally invasive option over the traditional mastectomy to remove breast tumors.  After the tumor removal,  cancer cells in the surrounding tissue can then be dosed with radiation.  In another option, a sentinel node biopsy, the patient is injected with radioactive material that is detectable on a monitor.  The surgeon then removes the cancerous nodes.
  • Advances such as the OSI modular table system is used in orthopedic procedures in which flexibility of the operating table is required.  Another innovation, the Taylor Spatial Frame also known as the Llizarov Fixator is used for complex orthopedic procedures.  The Llizarov is an orthopedic reconstruction method that was developed in Russia and is used for complicated broken bones and deformities.  The experienced primiary surgeon in the area who performs the procedure at MVH has traveled to Russia for training in the latest techniques.  The vast majority of Llizarov procedures in the Dayton area are done at MVH Surgery Center.
  • Working closely with the Community Tissue Bank, MVH is able to offer the most options for tissue implantation in the region.  From bone, skin, cornea and heart valves, tissue is tracked by an innovative graft tracking system to ensure safety and availability of tissue implants for such procedures as cardiac valve replacement, burn treatments, back surgeries, and multiple orthopedic procedures.

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