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Imaging Tools and Equipment

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Medical Imaging is successful due to three key components: a skilled technologist performing the scan, a skilled radiologist viewing the results, and cutting-edge equipment to get the most accurate and revealing scan possible. MVH Medical Imaging is not only the leader in the number of scans performed in the area, but also offers unique tools along with unique procedures.

MVH has a 64-slice CT scanner, open MRI machine, a unique combination PET/CT scanner, and a neurointerventional Merci Retrieval device. MVH is also the only hospital using Ekos to aid in busting blood clots with protein-based TPA (tissue plasminogen activator).

Combo PET/CT is a specialty performed at MVH has been very successful. By offering one report for both PET and CT evaluated together, radiologists are getting a more thorough picture of what's happening inside your body. We provide services of two board-certified nuclear medicine physicians, one who is also a diagnostic, board-certified radiologist and are the only facility offering both contrast enhanced diagnostic CT and PET/CT in one report.

64-slice CT scanner was Dayton area’s first, making and a new, non-invasive method of studying coronary arteries available. While the “gold standard” for assessing stenosis in the coronary arteries is catheter-based angiography, studies have shown that CT-based coronary angiography (coronary CTA) is reliable for non-invasive assessment.

MVH's Merci Retrieval Device is the only one in the area. The retriever is a tiny tube inserted through a blood vessel and guided into a blocked artery. The retriever catches the blood clot and the physician removes it from the body. This is a powerful tool for removing blood clots responsible for strokes.

The Siemens Sequoia ultrasound machine is also offered by MVH Medical Imaging and is the state of the art in ultrasound.

Equipment List

By most hospital standards, the MVH Medical Imaging department is a large, comprehensive operation with an impressive list of equipment. Most of the imaging equipment at MVH is made by Siemens and GE.

  • 10 CT scanners, all GE. 7 16-slice or better scanners and 2 GE 64-slice scanners
  • 5 MRI machines, including the only Open MRI
  • 1 GE combination PET/CT scanner
  • 9 nuclear medicine cameras, 8 are GE and one is a portable Philips
  • 15 x-ray or radiographic units, mostly GE and a few by Philips
  • Merci Retrieval device. The only one in the area. This is used in neuron-interventional procedures
  • 7 GE cameras, one Philips portable
  • 2 PET scanners, one Siemens and one GE
  • Ultrasound units are all Siemens
  • Interventional radiology units by Siemens