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Diversity Leadership

Leading by Example

At Miami Valley Hospital (MVH), our commitment to diversity begins with leadership. The hospital’s diversity initiatives are supported by the investment of our resources—both human and financial. Promoting a positive and inclusive work environment that is aligned with the hospital’s goals is a key objective for our leadership team. Each year, the hospital’s leadership is provided with a comprehensive list of initiatives to support the diversity strategy.

While there is a position dedicated solely to diversity, we believe firmly that it is every manager’s responsibility as well. The hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operations Officer (COO) are members of the Diversity Committee. They help to create strategy and provide leadership to move the initiative forward. Through our hospital’s senior leadership, we have made diversity both a Board and organizational priority. A subcommittee of the hospital’s Board was designated to review the hospital’s diversity progress and opportunities.

Meet Premier Health's Diversity Director

“Premier has a positive, action-oriented attitude toward promoting diversity. My goals are to foster a more inclusive, effective, and dynamic work environment by expanding on the foundation already in place.”

—Lisa Smith
Premier Diversity Director

Lisa Smith joined Premier Health (Premier), the parent company of MVH, in 2002 as a Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Analyst, and during her tenure was promoted to HRIS Manager. In the HRIS arena she was responsible for identifying and implementing strategic solutions in the compensation, benefits, recruitment, and payroll areas. Lisa also supported Premier’s diversity initiatives. She collaborated with the Office of Diversity in understanding the key business drivers, and developed a system solution to meet regulatory reporting requirements in support of the overall organizational diversity initiatives. In addition, she was a member of the Diversity Council and developed content to facilitate Diversity Dialogue. Her promotion to Diversity Director in November 2007 reflects Lisa’s key contributions to the organization and its commitment to diversity.

Lisa is a graduate of Miami University. She has more than 20 years of management experience and has received numerous awards for outstanding performance throughout her career.

Diversity Committee

The Miami Valley Hospital Diversity Committee is composed of senior leaders and an interdisciplinary group of managers. The committee is responsible for establishing organizational policy and ensuring accountability related to diversity and inclusion.

“Miami Valley Hospital has a rich and diverse environment with a greater commitment to diversity than any place I’ve ever worked. It’s known as the ‘The Region’s Leader’ in large measure because of the ways in which people of so many backgrounds come together to save lives and improve health.”
—Bobbie Gerhart, President & CEO

“Health care is one of the very few markets that directly impacts all people equally. However, access to health care is a different issue. Miami Valley Hospital is committed to access, regardless of race, religion, income, or background.  Miami Valley Hospital has not merely recognized the need for diversity—it is what we live and breathe.”
—Shannon Isom, Director, Orthopedic Service Line
“Respecting each other’s diversity has allowed Miami Valley Hospital to grow as an organization and meet the increasingly complex needs of our customers. Having an engaging diversity program has permitted Miami Valley Hospital to harness the beauty of our differences and pave the way for world-class service. Our hospital and our community have benefited from the blend of races, beliefs, religious preferences, generational diversities, and other differences that make us who we are as the Miami Valley Hospital family.”
—Gary Blake, Vice President, Operations

“The strength of an organization lies in its ability to recruit and maintain a diverse staff.”
—Olivia Hester, Director, Volunteer Services and SeniorCare

Communications and Cultural Events Subcommittee

MVH’s Communications and Cultural Events Subcommittee strives to increase awareness about cultural events and observances. The Committee brings to the forefront the value of recognizing the significance in culture and how it may impact what is important to us.

Minority Recruitment Subcommittee

The Minority Recruitment Subcommittee strives to promote an inclusive environment where the recruitment and retention of diverse employees is recognized as essential to a positive work environment. The Committee examines matters that cross generational lines as well as making recommendations to the senior leadership team on how to successfully recruit and retain different markets. The Committee approaches recruitment not as a one-size-fits-all approach but as an individual and customized experience dependent on what’s important to different segments. 

Creating Opportunities for Employee Engagement

Diversity Council

At the core of the hospital’s mission of “Earn, Choose, and Grow” is our commitment to diversity. A positive work environment is fostered by a climate that values, respects, and embraces diversity. Today, more than ever before, employees have choice—and rightfully so. In the same way we do not compromise the quality of care we provide our patients, we earn the loyalty of our staff by valuing their individuality and treating everyone with dignity and respect—our employees, patients, visitors, volunteers, and medical staff. 

Through our Diversity Council, employees are immersed in the organization’s commitment to diversity. Employees’ input and perspective is considered as we develop our strategic diversity plan. We recognize that it is our employees who are in the best position to assist us in identifying opportunities for improvement.

Premier’s Commitment to Diversity

Premier, the parent organization of MVH, is strongly committed to building a healthier community through diversity. Creating and maintaining a welcoming, inclusive environment for employees, patients, visitors, and suppliers is at the core of Premier’s values.

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