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Employee Education

At Miami Valley Hospital (MVH), we believe our success depends on the quality of our relationships with our patients, co-workers, and community members. Our diversity process enriches our efforts to build a healthier community.

Ensuring High-Quality, Culturally Competent Care

As we provide care to an increasingly diverse patient population, it is important that our staff understand the importance of diversity in health care services. Every employee who joins our hospital is immediately immersed in the hospital’s diversity initiative as part of new employee orientation. The two-hour session challenges participants to recognize how their attitudes, perceptions, and assumptions can impact interactions with one another and the delivery of health care. Additionally, specific information about the cultural groups we serve is provided to help understand our patients’ differences. New employee orientation sessions are conducted for at least 1,000 new employees annually throughout the Premier Health network.

Diversity Leadership Forum

Every year MVH sponsors a diversity leadership forum for the hospital’s leadership. The programs are designed to focus on non-verbal communication, becoming conscious of micro-messages, observing impact, inclusion, and teamwork. One educational program titled “One Race, One People, One Peace,” challenges participants to look introspectively at themselves and understand how diversity issues can affect our day-to-day behaviors. Another program focused on the culture of poverty and how it impacts our patient’s experiences. A third program examined groups and the impact of generations in the workplace. Managers are expected to support the diversity training and education program through active participation.

New Manager Orientation

When new managers are promoted at the hospital, they attend a week-long new manager orientation. As part of the orientation, a half day is dedicated solely to diversity management addressing the impact of diversity in teamwork and the selection process. Managers leave with an understanding of what their role is in promoting a positive and inclusive work environment that supports diversity.