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Diversity Is a Business Strategy

At Miami Valley Hospital (MVH), diversity is more than a program. It’s a comprehensive business strategy.

It’s not enough to build a workforce composed of diverse people. What’s important is to leverage the diverse talents everyone brings into the organization to achieve success. What does success look like at MVH? It is engaged, fulfilled employees offering high-quality, culturally competent care to meet the diverse needs of our patients.

Results Are Measured

MVH’s commitment to diversity is a strategically driven process designed to enhance employee and patient satisfaction, improve workforce communication, and enhance organizational performance. As part of our comprehensive approach to care, the organization’s diversity initiative is measured against both quantitative and qualitative performance-based indicators.

Education Is Key

At the heart of MVH’s commitment is our belief in diversity, inclusion, and respect for others as immutable core values. Because beliefs and customs can impact diagnosis, healing, and perceptions of quality, providing employee education on culturally competent care is a critical component of the hospital’s overall diversity initiative.

MVH’s Legacy of Commitment
MVH’s Diversity Policy