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Continuing Education

Commitment to Continuing Education

At Miami Valley Hospital (MVH), the Continuing Education Department, Center for Nursing Excellence, Department Management, and Hospital Administration are responsible for assessing the educational needs of employees.

Information for educational needs is generated from a variety of sources, including:

  • Requests from individual departments and specialty areas
  • Continuing Education Department surveys
  • Needs assessment individual to departments and specialty areas
  • Quality improvement data
  • Risk management data
  • Regulatory issues
  • Annual performance appraisals and competency assessment data
  • New issues and trends in health care
  • Evidence-based practice trends
  • Strategic business goals 

More than 1,300 education sessions were conducted on topics and/or issues that were determined to be necessary educational modules based on needs assessment in 2005. Here are just a few examples of sessions conducted during this time frame:

Reclaiming the Spirit of Health Care

A 10-week program of training events, conversations, and coaching that help people master the elements of authentic communication in the workplace. Topics include worth-based behavior in the workplace, coaching skills, authentic communication, accountability, managerial and individual versatility, and critical conversations.

The Change Acceleration Process

A one- to three-day training event that equips employees to manage the human side of change in their operational areas.

Individual Transition in Organizations

Available in many formats, this program helps people understand and cope with the personal impact of the changing work environment—for themselves and for their colleagues.

Understanding Personality Types

Several programs that use self-assessments to promote self-awareness and understanding of others in the workplace.

Diversity Education

Starting from a new employee’s onboarding process as part of new employee orientation, employees are provided insight into the hospital’s commitment to diversity:

  • How it is woven into the fabric of the organizational values and strategic priorities
  • Ongoing monthly diversity lunch-and-learn sessions
  • An annual learning board focusing on patient health care practices and beliefs in line with culturally competent care
  • A leadership forum on diversity and inclusion with regard to the manager’s role for creating a positive and inclusive work environment

The organization views diversity education as a journey and an ongoing process.

Competency-Based Management Practices

A variety of programs and materials to foster individual and professional development using a well-researched and universal set of personal competencies.

New-Manager Orientation

A process of information-sharing, training, assessment, and development to prepare new managers for successful careers within Premier Health.

On-Demand Development Programs

A wide variety of learning and development activities, including online programs, instructor-led sessions, self-study, and individual coaching.

Tuition Assistance Program

MVH encourages its employees to pursue career development pathways in order to take advantage of career advancement opportunities within the Premier Health system. The hospital provides compensation to eligible employees for purposes of tuition reimbursement and remission funds. In an effort to encourage and support the career growth of employees as well as increase the pipeline of high-demand health care professionals, MVH offers a three-tier tuition assistance benefit that provides for different levels of support based upon the type of degree being sought.