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Our Team

Brenda Currie, RN
Elder Care Program Manager

Brenda is certified in rehabilitation and geriatric nursing, and has been working with senior adults for more than 21 years. Brenda received her master's degree in nursing from Wright State University and her master's of business administration from the University of Cincinnati.

Brenda welcomes your questions and comments. Please feel free to call her at (937) 208-3772 or email her at Please allow at least five working days for a complete response.

Meet our Geriatric Champions

Colleen Bevins, RN
Clinical Nurse
Telemetry Unit

“I have been in the health care profession for 20+ years. I am and RN on 5 west telemetry unit. I have worked at MVH for 12 years. Prior to working at MVH I have worked in several long term care facilities. I really enjoy working with older adults. They are truly interesting and appreciative of your care. It gives me comfort to know I am helping someone make a smoother transition to another chapter in their life. I am a Geriatric Champion so that I can continue to gain knowledge and resources to share with my fellow co-workers and broaden our scope of practice.”

Ramona Bittner, RN, CRRN
Program Nurse
Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program (CORP)

“Being a Geriatric Champion helps me keep up the latest on the fastest growing segment of our population. I am the program nurse in the Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program (CORP). I see a variety of patients with neurologic problems of all ages. I am interested in care of the elderly – most of my elderly patients have also survived a life-changing medical event. This further complicates their care. Having a good understanding of normal physical and developmental issues allows me to assess and plan with them for better outcomes.  I’ve been involved with the Champions for many years and am amazed at what a difference we have made. I have had the opportunity to share my skills with many others and learn from them as well. The need for all of us to become experts in geriatric care is great and this group is a great place to start.”

Chris Gheen
Clinical Nurse
Behavioral Health Unit

“I work on 7 South / 7 North. Our unit has a 6 bed geriatric area and we have elders who have dementia. Frequently these elders are hospitalized for combative behavior. Many times they also have had a psychiatric history. This can be a difficult challenge for nursing care to be given. Often their families need support and education. Being involved with Brenda and the Geriatric Champions gives us a way to look at options for safe care and equipment to offer diversionary activities. It also keeps us updated with education for care of our elders. I have enjoyed being on this committee.”

Shelly Kersey, RN
Clinical Nurse

“I am an oncology nurse on 5NE. I am very excited about being a Geriatric Champion because it seems as if so much of our hospitalized population these days tends to be the older adult. I find my job extremely rewarding and embellish every opportunity to help enhance and provide quality to an older adult’s life.”

Toni Peters
Clinical Nurse
Behavioral Health Unit

“I work on 7 South, the mental health unit, where patients are often on many medications that have a potential to cause a range of side effects. We see geriatric patients with no previous psych history who are admitted for acute psychosis and are treated with psychiatric medications. On the Geriatric Champions committee we learn alternatives to treating the elderly population and how to keep them safe. Having this information makes it easier to advocate for the patients.”

Erin Pryor
Clinical Dietitian
Nutrition Services

“I generally cover the 6SS and Bariatric Units but also provide medical nutrition therapy to patients all over the hospital. I became interested in being a geriatric champion for two reasons. Professionally, I see how important nutrition can be in the elderly population and the benefits, satisfaction, and emotional impact it can have on one’s quality of life. Personally, I am my parents’ youngest daughter and the only one who lives in the same city. I expect and hope to be able to assist in their care as they grow older and enjoy hearing from members of other disciplines from a caregiver perspective.”

Teresa Smith
Clinical Nurse
Behavioral Health Unit

“Having a wonderful grandmother in my life started my passion for the geriatric population.  During my rotation in clinicals at a nursing program, I discovered I can relate well with the older or elderly adults. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Their stories, I learn from them, as I did from my grandmother Naomi Martin. Helping the geriatric population continue with the best quality of life they can have is important to me. I have the patience and interest to assist them whether it’s with medications, activities of daily living, personal care, understanding their illness or disorders, or with maintaining a state of well being. It is wonderful to have the knowledge to assist others and their families.”

Tanya Wesco, RN
Clinical Nurse

“I work on the neuro unit for the last 7 years. I wanted to be a Geriatric Champion to assist staff in understanding the norms and abnormals of the elderly and how to best handle situations of agitation, delirium, depression and boredom of these patients keeping these patients safe and helping them to be understood and have them understand what is happening while they are in the hospital is of utmost importance to me. I have worked as a candy striper as a teen, a nursing assistant in several nursing homes and a nurse in ECFs and Dr. office prior to coming to MVH.”

Geraldine “Geri” Williamson, RN
Clinical Nurse

“I am an RN on Rehabilitation. I have a personal interest in the Geriatric patients. My mother has dementia, was diagnosed about 8 years ago. Her health has decline to the vegetative stage. She does not talk anymore & is unable to perform ADL’s, incontinent of both bowel and bladder. Presently, one sister cares for my mother, who is tube fed, weighs approximately 98 lbs. I believe being a part of the Geriatric Champions will enable me to care for the geriatric patient at work as well as help instruct my sister to care for my mother. I have FMLA to assist my sister with the necessary care my mother deserves. Because of this awareness of the needs that the geriatric patients have, I know I will give more quality care to my patients as well as to my mother who lives 11 hours away.”