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Miami Valley Hospital Nurse Credited as Being a Hero

Local HeroDAYTON, OHIO—August 20, 2008 — Springfield resident Alicia Jobe was spending a relaxing July afternoon at Indian Lake a year ago. As she was paddling around in the water, the last thing she expected was to be proclaimed a hero.

While boating on the lake, Jobe and family members went to aid the crew of a sailboat that had capsized. As they approached the scene they noticed a woman waving desperately from a nearby pontoon boat. As they got closer they spotted a man floating face-down in the water.

Jobe, who is a registered nurse at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, along with a friend, jumped in the water and flipped the man over. They propped him up on a jet ski, and I started administering CPR.

"It was just instinctive – I really didn't have time to think about what I should do,” said Jobe who has been a nurse at Miami Valley for 18 months.

With the help of other boaters on the lake, Jobe assisted in getting the man to shore and continued performing CPR until emergency crews arrived. He was taken to a hospital in Lima and after three days in a coma, recovered with no permanent injuries.

"You wonder sometimes if you'll know what to do in an emergency or if you'll hesitate," Jobe said. "But when I needed it, everything I knew as a nurse kicked in, and I just went into action."

Two weeks later, Jobe got to meet the man and his wife – again at Indian Lake – and learned had gone in to the water to help the capsized sailboat and got in trouble when he became exhausted.

This month, Jobe and her heroic counterparts were honored by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for having helped save the man's life.
"The award usually goes to state park employees, but they said they felt from the reports that we were deserving of it," Jobe said. "They said this is the first time non-employees have won."

Jobe received her nursing degree from Wright State University and now works on the pulmonary unity at Miami valley Hospital.