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Accepting Responsibility After Weight Loss Surgery

It’s important to realize that weight loss surgery, also know as bariatric surgery, requires action and commitment from you to be successful. Because weight loss surgery modifies the size of your stomach, it will decrease the amount of food you can eat. This will make you feel full much faster than usual, and will possibly prevent the normal absorption of fat calories.

But it’s important to recognize that other aspects of your life will have to change:

  • You’ll eat no more than one 1/2 cup of food at a time.
  • You’ll have to chew your food more carefully.
  • You’ll have to commit to exercise.
  • You’ll need to regularly take vitamins and protein supplements.
  • You’ll learn new, healthy ways to eat and make them part of your routine.
  • You’ll drop pounds slowly and steadily while checking in with your physician.

All things considered, please understand that weight loss surgery is not a miracle diet. It’s a serious surgery that is helpful if you are morbidly obese and facing serious health issues because of your weight. It’s a surgery that will change your life and your lifestyle.

Learn more about how weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) works. 

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