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Adjustable Gastric Band

The Adjustable Gastric Band is a constricting ring placed around your stomach to reduce the amount of food it will hold at one time. This is purely a gastric restrictive procedure, and it can be adjusted, if necessary, during an office visit. This procedure uses a minimally invasive laparoscope to place the adjustable band around your stomach.

Pure gastric restrictive procedures tend to be the simplest weight loss procedures, but they also require stricter discipline for successful weight loss. It's possible to defeat the Adjustable Gastric Band surgery by gradually stretching the constricted stomach pouch, or by eating so frequently that weight loss eventually stops, or even reverses. Nevertheless, a loss of nearly 40% of excess weight is common with this procedure.

On the plus side, however, the Adjustable Gastric Band is simple and has the fewest complications of any weight loss procedure. Other than tightly restricting the amount of food you eat, it creates few other changes in your eating and digestion.


  • Fewer cosmetic issues
  • Less risk of incision infections
  • Less risk of hernias
  • Lastest recovery
  • Reversible
  • Band can be adjusted at an office visit
  • The procedure usually leads to a 40-50% loss of excess weight.


  • Takes longer to lose weight
  • Risk of leaks and bowel obstructions
  • Patients need to avoid junk food
  • Overeating and under-chewing can cause vomiting.

Laparoscopic Procedures

Laparoscopic procedures are operations performed with special tools through small holes in your skin. Instead of the large incision used in traditional surgery, the physician makes a few small holes and inserts tools and a small video camera. This method allows the physician to see exactly what they’re doing and work with great precision. The primary advantage of laparoscopic procedures is that, with smaller incisions, you heal faster and can get back to your life faster. Laparoscopic surgery also offers significantly smaller scars.

Occasionally, physicians encounter complications of various sorts while operating laparoscopically. They may elect at that point to cut a traditional incision to complete the procedure. This change is usually unavoidable due to the complex nature of surgery and of weight loss surgery in particular. Your surgical team will do everything possible to make your surgery safe and effective, and sometimes this means converting a laparoscopic procedure to an open one.

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