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Amy's Story

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The battle of weight gain is a battle Amy Felvey has fought most of her life. She finally decided to take charge of her weight, her health and her life when she opted for bariatric surgery. Prior to her surgery, Amy’s health was not good. “A disc in my lower back was broken. I really couldn’t walk without passing out from the pain. I couldn’t shop with my teenage daughter.”

Life took a drastic turn for Amy on March 23, 2007 when she arrived at Miami Valley Hospital (in Dayton) weighing 308 pounds. Amy, after considerable research, chose the duodenal switch. “Sure, I was worried about the vomiting, the diarrhea and gas but this surgery brought me the hope I needed. I was a 44-year-old woman trapped in the body of an 80-year-old.”  Since having the surgery, Amy has discontinued her diuretic medicine and takes much less pain medication. So far, Amy has shed 150 pounds.

Prior to surgery, Amy talked to close friends who had had bariatric surgery, she researched on the internet and attended the information seminars at Miami Valley Hospital (in Dayton). “Those seminars were so informative, just awesome.” Amy can’t say enough about the ‘team’ at Miami Valley Hospital (in Dayton). “They are awesome. The nutritionist, everyone was so helpful. I went into this feeling very prepared and informed.”

Getting the weight off her spine has brought a great deal of relief to Amy. Literally, her quality of life has improved significantly. “I was ready to feel better about myself. This surgery was like an aphrodisiac; I have a new spring in my step.”

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