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Jamie's Story

Her family physician recommended Jamie Presock look into bariatric surgery. Jamie was just 29 years old. She and her husband had an 18-month old baby. Because of her weight, Jamie found simple every-day activities difficult if not impossible. She knew she had to do something.

“I couldn’t walk through the mall and that’s something I really enjoy. My back and ankles just couldn’t take it. When you think about it, that’s a lot of extra weight sitting on your ankles and back.”

So, in October 2006, just two months after her husband had bariatric surgery, Jamie went to Miami Valley Hospital (in Dayton) for life-changing surgery. Jamie and her husband both opted for duodenal switch surgery. Between the two of them, they’ve drop 400 pounds. Jamie went from 333 pounds to 154 pounds. “I can chase my three-year-old now. Shopping is fun again.”

The daughter of a surgeon, Jamie did a great deal of research on the surgery and physicians. “If you are thinking of having this surgery, I highly recommend attending the information seminars. They are wonderful. They answer everything.” Many of the fears Jamie had were alleviated in the information seminars. And after all the research it became very clear to her that Miami Valley Hospital (in Dayton) was the best route to go. “Frankly, I would not recommend going anywhere else but MVH. Dr. John Maguire and Dr. Donovan Teel have this down to a science. We’re so lucky to have this team in Dayton, Ohio.”

Dr. Teel did Jamie’s surgery and she was one of the first to have it done laproscopically. “I have four little dots on my stomach.” Since the surgery, Jamie’s life has changed significantly. “I used to think I had a life. Now I realize I did not. We sat around a lot now we go hiking and other activities.”

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