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Kevin's Story

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Kevin Carsey took the decision to have bariatric surgery very seriously. In fact, he prayed about it. “I’d tried everything. You name the diet; I had done it. And I’d had success but it was always short-lived success.”

Kevin was looking for the right fit. He decided he wanted to do something ‘real’ and he knew he needed to do something soon. At 420 pounds, Kevin was pushing his body to the limit. His knees and ankles were suffering and simple things like getting out of a car or getting out of bed were very difficult.

Kevin chose Miami Valley Hospital (in Dayton) because of “the overwhelming word-of-mouth reputation it has.” He did a lot of research and talked to friends. “They all said ‘go to the Valley’.” Kevin found the information seminar prior to surgery very well done. “I enjoyed seeing others’ success. The seminar really helped solidify my decision.”

Kevin chose the LAP-BAND® procedure and Dr. Donovan Teel performed the surgery. “Dr. Teel is so personable. I really like him very much.” Actually, Kevin found the entire team at Miami Valley Hospital (in Dayton) to be supportive and empathetic. “It was an awesome experience from the moment I walked in the door at Miami Valley.”

Life has certainly changed for Kevin. His surgery was in November 2007 and so far, he’s dropped 80 pounds. “Already my knees and ankles don’t hurt as much and it’s so much easier to get out of the car.”

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