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Mary's Story

Mary Headshot
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Once Mary Henderson decided bariatric surgery was the way to go, she never turned around! “I decided in June 2007 and I had my surgery the next month! Mary’s weight was severely affecting her lifestyle, especially her life as a first-grade teacher at Orville Wright Elementary School. “I could barely walk down the hall and play with the kids. You know how first-graders are . . . it was tough keeping up with them.”

It was actually a television advertisement that caught Mary’s eye and steered her toward Miami Valley Hospital Weight Loss Surgery Center (in Dayton). “I saw Dr. Donovan Teel and said to myself, ‘I’m going to meet that Dr. Teel’.” Mary attended one of the information seminars, which she gives very high marks. “It was just great, full of information!”

At her heaviest, Mary found walking difficult and breathing next to impossible. “I couldn’t walk across the room because of the weight. I am a diabetic and have asthma. These things were so much worse because of my weight.” Mary said she had to use a wheelchair to visit Dr. Teel’s office.

Now, 150 pounds lighter, Mary has seen a significant change in her overall health. “I’m having a ball. I can play with my students now. Why we just went out for a walk the other day and I kept right up.” Prior to her LAP-BAND® surgery, Mary was taking three pills a day for her diabetes. “Now, I just take one pill a day and my blood pressure medicine has been cut in half.”

And instead of carrying that weight around on her body, she’s tugging heavy bags of mulch to her garden. “I can get down and work in my garden and I just love it.”

Mary recommends bariatric surgery for those who have tried everything. “I chose the LAP-BAND® surgery and I wouldn’t want anything else. I went to work the next day and I’ve had no side effects. This surgery has changed my life for the better.”

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