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About Behavioral Health

When a patient is hospitalized for behavioral care at Miami Valley Hospital (MVH), Ohio's most experienced Emergency Room and the only Level I Trauma Center in the region is just a few feet away. Any medical condition that accompanies behavioral issues, no matter how serious or minor, can be treated within minutes.

MVH Behavioral Services offers programs for adults in hospitalized and same-day mental health care as well as proven substance abuse programs. These programs include Behavior Inpatient Services, a Psychiatric Intensive Outpatient Program, and the Turning Point Program for substance abuse. 

The Facility

The MVH Inpatient Psychiatric Unit is a dedicated, 35-bed facility located on the seventh floor, South Tower in the main hospital. This state-of-the-art setting offers both crisis intervention and acute care. The unit is recognized across the country by the behavioral community for its successful open design and effective technology integration. All rooms have been “suicide-proofed.” This design includes special sinks and toilets that make it harder for a patient to injure oneself. All medical components like equipment and oxygen valves are positioned in locked cabinets, eliminating patient access. Though impossible to remove all opportunities for harm, all opportunities within reason have been removed for patient safety. 

The unit has a dedicated staff that includes seven psychiatrists who are available 24 hours a day. One staff psychiatrist has specialty training in treating geriatric patients. The staff uses a team structure with Program Leaders acting as charge nurses who organize and provide care, as well as a Therapy Team Leader who acts as a social worker and helps arrange occupational therapy. The team approach keeps staff aware of a patient's risks, condition, and progress to help offer the best care in a unit where critical monitoring is a necessity. 

The unique design of the unit is so effective that The Joint Commission refers other hospitals nationwide to MVH for guidance when looking to design their own programs and facilities.

Interdisciplinary Team

The MVH Behavioral Interdisciplinary Team consists of physicians, psychologists, social workers, therapists, care coordinators, occupational therapists, drug and alcohol therapists, and nurses specializing in psychological care. This provides patients with a high level of expertise and a continuum of care that addresses not only their behavioral needs, but their medical needs as well. By addressing all of the patient’s symptoms, the team can better care for all conditions, which are often interrelated.

Behavioral Assessment Team

The MVH Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) consists of specialized psychiatric nurses who do behavioral consults anywhere in the hospital with seven-day-a-week coverage. Often patients brought in for medical treatment need behavioral treatment as well for conditions like depression before surgery, postpartum depression, a history of suicide, drug issues, and mental health conditions.

The team consists of two clinical nurse specialists and two registered nurses who all have specialty training in psychiatric nursing. They assess the level of patient need and then give recommendations and conference with the physician and a psychiatrist. The nurses give other hospital staff starting protocols for substance withdrawal and become a patient's initial contact into psychiatry. Once patients are medically clear, they can be transferred to the Behavioral Unit if needed.