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Patient Stories

EmployeeCare, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at Miami Valley Hospital (MVH), provides counseling to employees on a wide range of work related and personal issues. Here are some of our patients’ stories and testimonials.

Sue’s Story

Sue* works for an employee benefits broker in Dayton. The first time she used EmployeeCare, she was struggling with relationships issues. “I’d been through counseling 20 years ago and I saw a flyer in our break room for EmployeeCare. I knew this is what I needed to do,” said Sue.

From the first moment she entered the EmployeeCare offices, the staff made her feel comfortable. Her therapist was considerate and understanding. “She was a great listener and I felt safe sharing my feelings with her,” Sue said.

Through conversation, the counselor guided Sue with helpful exercises to dig a little bit deeper into her issues. These exercise weren’t anything elaborate, just simple techniques that allowed Sue to better understanding her feelings and concerns.

Sue’s company provides EmployeeCare services to all of its employees. “I’ve recommended it to a number of folks,” she said. “I was very impressed with the whole experience.”

Donna’s Story

As a lay minister in the Dayton area, Donna* helps people deal with problems every day. But when she needed help, she turned to EmployeeCare, which was provided through her husband’s employer.

“I was suffering from complicated grief related to my mother’s cancer and death,” Donna said. She felt uncomfortable and even reluctant at first, but everyone at EmployeeCare made her feel safe and welcome. “My counselor was professional and respectful,” said Donna. “He was gentle and accepting, too, but he also challenged me when I needed it.”

Donna soon realized she was also dealing with some unresolved issues from an earlier time in her life. Her EmployeeCare counselor let Donna come to her own awareness and, as the driver of her therapy, she felt in control.

Donna always left her counseling sessions feeling better and stronger. “The experience was very healing and helped me get my laughter back,” she said. “I can’t say enough for the program. I would encourage anyone to use EmployeeCare counseling services. At worst, it is an improvement; at best, it can be life changing.”

* Names changed for privacy.

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