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About MVH Pre-Admission Testing

About 60% of the patients who come to Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) for surgery go through Pre-Admission Testing. MVH performs approximately 20,000 surgeries a year. About 12,000 of these, mostly pre-planned surgeries, go through Pre-Admission Testing. The remaining surgeries are emergencies, cases where the timeframe doesn’t allow testing and cases where patients receive a local anesthetic.   Pre-Admission Testing at MVH has its own team working together to get a thorough, coordinated evaluation of a patient’s medical condition in one visit. The goal is that every patient receives the services needed in one location in less than an hour. Each patient is seen by a Registration clerk and a nurse. When needed, a Radiology technician and a lab technician also provide services. Electrocardiograms (EKGs), chest x-rays, and lab work can all be done without leaving the Pre-Admission Testing area.

In some cases, the patient will not need to come to Pre-Admission Testing. When possible, the staff will secure the results of previous testing instead of repeating it. Or, if the patient doesn’t have medical issues or does not require testing, the nurse may only need to complete a telephone assessment which includes a review of medical history and medications.

Pre-Admission Testing is often a patient’s first contact with the hospital before surgery. It’s common for patients to have concerns and questions about surgery. The Pre-Admission Testing staff is fully knowledgeable of why a test is being done and can explain it firsthand to the patient. Staff members are trusted by surgeons and anesthesiologists to explain tests to their patients and calm concerns. Pre-Admission Testing also offers education classes and arranges one-on-one education and consultation with specialty staff as needed.  MVH Pre-Admission Testing has its own facility on the hospital campus, so patients do not have to enter the main hospital building. The entrance to Pre-Admission Testing is located at the exit of the main parking garage, making it easy to find, get in, and get out as quickly as possible. MVH Pre-Admission Testing has convenient hours, being open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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