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Procedures and Services

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Pre-Admission Testing is set up so a patient only visits one place to get everything done. Electrocardiograms (EKGs), chest x-rays, and lab work can all be done without leaving the Pre-Admission Testing area. All areas are fully staffed by clinical staff during Pre-Admission Testing hours. These include registration clerks, nurses, a phlebotomist (technician who draws blood), an EKG technician, and a Radiology technician.


If the patient doesn't have medical issues and testing is not required, the Pre-Admission Testing nurses can often do a telephone assessment. Pre-screenings by phone reviews medical history and lists medications. In some cases the patient will not have to come in to Pre-Admission Testing. 

Education Offerings

Pre-Admission Testing helps educate patients about specific surgeries. For example, our staff conducts a genitourinary (GU) class for prostate surgery patients.   Pre-Admission Testing also schedules other surgery education classes. Arrangements are made with the cardiac care coordinator to give one-on-one education to aortic valve replacement and open heart surgery patients. Pre-Admission Testing can schedule breast cancer patients with the breast cancer coordinator who can provide one-on-one teaching and personally guide them through their treatment.

There is also a large pool of educational resources at the hospital as needed. Clinical Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, and Pain Clinical Nurse Specialists are available to share their expertise with patients when requested. Patients also have access to the MVH Medical Library, one of the largest in Ohio.

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