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About the Miami Valley Hospital Regional Adult Burn Center

The Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Regional Adult Burn Center is the most recognized facility in West Central Ohio for the treatment of adult and adolescent burn patients. The MVH Burn Center has extensive abilities in handling burns of every severity level.With 32 years of experience behind it, the MVH Burn Center uses a multidisciplinary approach for burn treatment. Specialists including Physicians, Nurses, Occupational and Physical Therapists, a Dietitian, Pharmacists, a Social Worker, Psychologists, and Pastoral Counselors work as a multidisciplinary team. They meet regularly to discuss the cases of individual patients and formulate a care plan that will lead to the most successful outcome for each patient. 

Patients get intensive treatment and continuous specialized care in the dedicated 10-bed Burn Unit. This unit has its own ventilation system to control possible infections, special heat controls to maintain a patient's body temperature, and two treatment rooms equipped with the latest technology and built to operating room specifications. This allows patients to be cared for in one area specially designed for their needs from admission to discharge. Ohio has only six burn programs. There are only 123 burn programs in the country. 

MVH also has a same-day burn clinic that handles patients with burns who do not require hospitalization and additional treatment for patients who have been discharged.
The MVH Burn Center is located inside MVH and has the full support of the region's only Level I Trauma Center and the busiest Emergency Room in the state of Ohio. Because of the serious nature of the acute injuries treated, MVH has Emergency Care Surgeons available 24 hours a day to handle the area's most critical cases. Medical Imaging is also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the area’s most experienced Radiologists always on duty to read scans.

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