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About MVH Dental Center

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Dental Center offers care that many dentists send patients to a subspecialist for, like periodontal surgery, endodontics, and oral surgery. On staff at MVH Dental Center is one Periodontists, an Endodontist, one Pedodontists, and two Oral Surgeons who work with the general dentists on a scheduled basis. 

Can Handle Both Dental and Medical

A private dentist office offers only dental services and may not be able to treat the full needs of a patient who has other medical issues separate from or as a result of dental problems. At MVH Dental Center, we have the unique ability to treat patients who might need care for conditions other than dental at the same time as their medical conditions are being monitored or controlled for the procedure, like a patient on blood thinners who needs his status known and possibly controlled during surgical dental procedures.

Great Depth of Staff

In addition to eight dental residents who bring with them the latest understanding and knowledge of evidence-based dentistry, MVH Dental Center has general dentist-preceptors with years of private practice experience. This gives MVH a large, available staff that offers a balance of innovation and experience.  The attending dental staff at MVH Dental Center has an average of over 10 years of experience. This ensures patients can be confident that their dental care is being done or overseen by dentists experienced with whatever their condition may be.

MVH Dental Center staff are comfortable working with vastly different groups of patients of all ages. The staff is compassionate and empathetic and treats all patients with respect. 

24/7 Dental Coverage

Dayton has come to depend on the dental services of MVH whenever they are needed and not just during normal business hours or days later. During hours MVH Dental Center is not open, the MVH Emergency Department has the ability to contact dentists for true dental emergencies including facial trauma and serious dental infections. They are experienced at treating all dental issues, including the most serious dental cases. 

IV Sedation for Pain

Pain is a strong concern for most dental patients and often a reason why they avoid dental care. MVH Dental Center has a better ability to treat pain with more options than most dental practices. Intravenous sedation can be done at the Center. This is not a common offering at private dentist offices. IV sedation allows the patient another option should he or she desire more than the traditional dental pain management.

Ambulatory Surgery for Dental Services

While many of us can obtain dental care in the traditional dental office setting, there are some patients who are unable to receive the necessary care safely in that environment. Individuals in this category could include very young children with multiple dental problems, the mentally handicapped and developmentally disabled, and patients who have a medical condition that must be strictly controlled during dental care. For those individuals, MVH Dental Center provides the opportunity for these patients to be seen in the hospital’s ambulatory surgery center, where limited but necessary dental care can be provided. For most of our patients, it is a same-day procedure so that they may return home after recovery from the anesthetic.

Treatment for Young Children

Cavities are unfortunately common in young children. MVH Dental Center staff recognize the importance of beginning dental care at a young age. When starting dental care early at MVH Dental Center, a child gets to know the facility and dentists and has less of a stigma about seeing a dentist, since it has been a normal part of his or her life from an early age.