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MVH Dental Center Services

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Dental Center offers the Dayton area a complete dental service, with procedures ranging from teeth cleaning to trauma dental surgery. The center is capable of caring for the region's most serious dental problems. Services include preventative dentistry, dentures, partials, root canals, restorative dentistry, crown and bridge work, periodontal treatment, and oral surgery. Comprehensive orthodontic care is not provided at the MVH Dental Center, but is referred to community orthodontists.

MVH Dental Center staff comprises specialists including one Periodontists, an Endodontist, one Pedodontists, and two Oral Surgeons. As a team, these dental surgeons are experienced in performing all types of dental care. MVH Dental Center staff can identify and co-manage (with the patient’s physician) medical conditions that may require treatment while meeting the dental needs of the patient.

The services are backed by the expertise of Ohio’s most experienced Emergency Room and the region's only Level I Trauma Center, which are in the same building. During hours that MVH Dental Center is not open, the MVH Emergency Department has the ability to contact dentists in case of true dental emergencies including severe infections and dental trauma. These dentists are experienced at treating the most serious dental cases.   A unique offering at MVH Dental Center is intravenous (IV) sedation IV sedation allows the patient another option should he or she desire more than the traditional dental pain management.  The dentists at MVH Dental Center are also able to treat younger patients. Many dentists will not handle children under age 5. When starting dental care early at MVH, a child gets to know the facility and dentists and has less of a stigma about seeing a dentist, since it has been a normal part of their life from an early age.

While many of us can obtain dental care in the traditional dental office setting, there are some patients who are unable to receive the necessary care safely in that environment. Individuals in this category could include very young children with multiple dental problems, the mentally handicapped and developmentally disabled, and patients who have a medical condition that must be strictly controlled during dental care. For those individuals, MVH Dental Center provides the opportunity for these patients to be seen in the hospital’s ambulatory surgery center, where limited but necessary dental care can be provided. For most of our patients, it is a same-day procedure so that they may return home after recovery from the anesthetic.

Youth Dental Program

The Youth Dental Program at MVH offers free dental care to qualifying kindergarten through 12th grade youths in Montgomery County. Often school nurses call and refer a child in pain or a teacher discovers a child in need of dental work. The program does cleanings, exams, restorative work, extractions, crowns, bridges, and root canals. Eligible youths must live in Montgomery County, go to school, and not have dental insurance coverage. Family income is used to determine eligibility. This program is 100 percent free and partially funded by Dayton Public Schools. The program is available during the traditional school year (September through June). 

Sealant Program

This school program is free of charge and serves about 1,200 Dayton-area second and sixth graders every year. Sealants are plastic coatings that are placed on the biting surface of the permanent molars to help with the prevention of decay. They fill the grooves on the surface to prevent sugars and bacteria from getting into them and causing cavities. Along with fluoride and regular dental visits, the sealant has been able to greatly reduce cavities in children.

The year after the sealant is applied, children are re-examined by a dentist to make sure the seal is still complete and to see if the student has had more teeth come in, which can be sealed at this visit. Retention rate is about 97 percent. If the sealant is broken, it's retouched.

Since 1992 the program has treated over 15,000 school children. The program serves over three dozen schools in Dayton, West Carrollton, Mad River, and Springfield. The grant-funded program is in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Health. Students qualify for these services based on the school’s percentage of the student population that receives free or reduced-cost lunches. Once a school is qualified, all the students in grade 2 and 6 have an opportunity to receive sealants with parental or guardian consent.

The Dental Sealant Program comes to the participating elementary schools and provides the service at the school.

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