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Patient Stories

Kevin Lance of Huber Heights was 38, active, and not a typical stroke victim. One night, he had a headache, but nothing out of the ordinary. The next day at work things just didn't quite feel right. Initially a co-worker said Kevin looked fine, but his left leg and arm felt like they had gone to sleep. Soon his head felt the same way. Another co-worker called for help while others tried to keep him awake until the ambulance arrived.   Kevin was taken to the Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Emergency Department. In a case like Kevin's, physicians and the staff in the MVH Emergency Department work to assess the problem and treat it as quickly and effectively as possible. While Kevin didn't fit the profile of a normal stroke patient, he showed some of the classic stroke symptoms. An MRI confirmed a stroke and showed significant damage to both sides of his brain.

Kevin was immediately given Tissue Plasminogen Activator (TPA). This drug is known as a clot buster and is very effective at breaking up blood clots in the brain when given within a few hours of the stroke. Without the TPA, Kevin might have died or been left severely disabled.  That didn't happen. As a matter of fact, Kevin responded immediately to the drug. Within 24 hours, he was alert. The next day he was walking with little trouble. Kevin soon returned to a normal life with the only long-term effect being a little blurred vision. He's vigilant about taking blood-thinning drugs and leading a lifestyle that will help prevent another stroke. While physicians say the largest contributing factor with Kevin is heredity, he's doing everything he can to avoid any more trips to the Emergency Room.