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EmployeeCare Seminars

Please call your account manager at (937) 208-6626 or 1-800-628-9343 to schedule a seminar.  We ask that you contact us a minimum of two weeks before you want to schedule a seminar or training.

Anger: How to Handle Conflict and Manage Anger

This seminar teaches effective techniques for constructively dealing with anger and resolving conflict.   Focus will be on enhancing relationships that are affected by anger and conflict, including how to deal with angry, aggressive and violent customers/clients, while taking care of you.

Budgeting Lifestyles and Skills: Do You Use Good "Cents?"

Based on the “Research Works:  Partnership for Workplace Mental Health” employee money problems are pulling focus from the workplace.  Research has showed that employers who provide employees with basic financial education reap the benefits of increased employee participation, health, performance, and attendance.  This seminar provides a self-assessment tool on how to formulate a financial plan plus free resources with budgeting.

Building Self-Esteem for a More Confident You

This seminar provides a practical definition of self-esteem, how one develops his/her sense of worthiness, consequences of having low self-esteem and specific interventions to improve one’s view of him/her.   Participants will have the opportunity to assess their current level of self-satisfaction/self-esteem.

Building Trust in the Workplace

This is an interactive seminar.  Participants will learn to recognize and avoid actions that damage trust within the work environment.  They will become aware of their important role in building trust.

Bullying at the Workplace

Based on the research project done by Arizona State and the University of New Mexico, this seminar provides a self-assessment tool that measures bullying awareness at the workplace.  The research replaces the conventional words of “harassment/victim” with the words, “bully/target” to be more descriptive of the level of hostility, distraction, and danger to the workplace when bullying is left unaddressed.  Individual, corporate, and supervisory prevention strategies are addressed.

Burnout: Taking a Second Wind at Work and at Home

This seminar offers a common sense definition of burnout including the characteristics and stages, as well as prevention techniques and interventions to turn it around.

Chemical Dependency: Drugs?  Not My Kids!

Several practical guidelines are discussed in helping parents effectively confront their children about chemical abuse.   Role-play will be utilized to demonstrate effective techniques to use in talking with children about chemical abuse.

Chemical Dependency in the Family

This seminar discusses the role that chemical dependency plays in a family. Emphasis is placed on how all the members of the family are affected and where a person can go for help.

Co-Dependency: Alternatives to Co-Dependency

This seminar deals with the characteristics of someone who is co-dependent.   Emphasis is placed in ways of dealing with co-dependency.

Communication: Assertive Communication

This seminar discusses the elements of assertive communication.  Identifies the barriers to effective communication and shares insights that will improve communication skills and allow you to really feel understood.

Communication: Business Communication

This seminar provides basic communication information with an emphasis on workplace communication between co-workers, supervisors, employees, and customers.  Time will be allotted for discussion of specific examples provided by the audience.

Communication: Men and Women

Provides information to increase awareness and understanding about the differences in how men and women perceive and react to situations in order to assist with communication at work or at home.

Conflict: Managing Conflict at the Workplace

This seminar explores the attitudes people have toward conflict and ways to constructively channel it through a three-step approach.

Coping with Change in the Workplace

This seminar explores healthy coping skills for managing change constructively on a professional and personal basis.

Diversity in the Workplace

This seminar addresses aspects of diversity that contribute to our individuality, how this  impacts the workplace and strategies for dealing with diversity.

Eating Disorders

The symptoms, effects, and dynamics of eating disorders are identified, as well as resources for obtaining help.

Grief and Loss

This seminar describes the dynamics and feelings that are frequently present in an experience of loss.

Intervention - Training for Supervisors

Focus is on supervisors’ recognition of problem behaviors of their employees and how to encourage employees to make contact with EmployeeCare for counseling.

Management: What is Your Management Style

This seminar provides a self assessment tool to identify the level you are engaged in managing your employees.  The goal is to identify the strengths of your style and develop a management strategy that will maximize subordinate talent, participation and productivity.

Minimizing Holiday Stress (previously “Holiday Blues”)

This seminar identifies the holiday triggers that can create stress, lead to depression and affect mood changes.  Helpful tips will be offered in dealing with the events to make this time of year more enjoyable.

Moving Toward Balance

This is an interactive, experiential seminar designed to help the participant become more aware of how they spend their time and energy throughout the course of the day.  Time will be allotted for quiet self-reflection to better understand how they are “off balance” physically, mentally and emotionally.  They will be provided with the opportunity to design a visual aid or “blueprint” of the participant’s reorganized and more “balanced” life activities.


This seminar invites individuals to participate in a variety of playful opportunities including simple stretching and movement exercises, followed by a guided relaxation. Writing and drawing materials will be available for participants to experiment with creative self-expression.

Road Rage: How To Avoid Anger While Driving

Many people act out their anger when they get behind the wheel.  According to AAA, more than 10,000 incidents involving assaults by enraged drivers in a six year period.  This seminar helps people identify ways of self protection, as well as assisting people in dealing with anger and stress without acting out in a moving vehicle.

Self-Care and Self-Exploration through Expressive Arts

This seminar offers participants the opportunity to integrate movement, art, music, writing and guided imagery for self-awareness, self-understanding and self-empowerment by tapping into the individual’s creative energy.   This creative approach can help to improve the self-care of the individual while trying to survive and thrive in a challenging work environment.

Sexual Harassment

This seminar provides education about recognizing and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. (Video available)

Sleep: Your Health and Productivity

This seminar provides a self assessment tool on sleep patterns, sleep inhibitors, and sleep helpers.  The advantages of sleep planning and precautions are in terms of increased resistance to disease, mental illness, and addictions as well as increased resistance to work place burnout.

Stress and Relaxation

A holistic look at stress – what it is and how it affects a person’s life.   Emphasis is placed on how the individual can learn to manage stress through his/her own attitude and behavior.  Specific forms of relaxation are discussed and demonstrated.

Stress Management and Humor

Explores the function of humor and how it can be utilized for stress management.

Supervisor's Role in Preventing Workplace Harassment

This seminar provides education about recognizing and intervening with employees to prevent/address workplace harassment.  Also provides an opportunity to discuss possible strategies for supervisor intervention. (Video available)

Take a Break and Relax

This seminar will offer individuals the opportunity to take a break from the ordinary routine of the day and are invited to participate in some simple and practical stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques.  There will be a brief overview of some of the sources and symptoms of stress including tips for effective stress management. The benefits of relaxation will be emphasized.

Team Assessment: Are We Playing Nice in the Sandbox?

This seminar provides two inventory tools.  The first tool allows participants to assess how their current team deals with teamwork.  The second tool is a self-assessment of what teamwork skills each individual brings to the team.  The goal is to identify and mobilize team strengths to address team deficits.

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

This seminar discusses symptoms of depression, anxiety and some of the causes and information about treatment interventions including self-help, psychotherapy/counseling and medication.

Workplace Leadership in a Tough Economy

This seminar identifies the four leadership skill sets for an anxious workplace.  Workplace leaders will identify and develop; the ability to present a calm presence, the ability to educate, articulate and challenge employees to identify and use available resources in a changing working environment , direct, manage and promote positive change and the ability to articulate a clear sense of who we are, what we are doing, and where we are going.

Workplace Violence

This seminar discusses workplace violence and prevention strategies.  ( Video available).