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Linda's Story

Linda Headshot
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The weight crept on over the years until Linda Mize was weighing 316 pounds and battling diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Everyday chores around the house were next to impossible and “I felt like a drug store with all the medications I was taking.”

Linda ignored her weight problem but she realized she probably wasn’t going to live to see her four grandchildren grow up if she didn’t drop the pounds. Her family physician suggested weight loss surgery but she was fearful. A stranger in a restaurant approached Linda while on vacation and share with her that she had had the surgery and her life was wonderful. “She encouraged me to rethink the whole thing and offered a new viewpoint.”

After doing some research, Linda chose Dr. Maguire and Miami Valley Hospital for her surgery. When she arrived, she was still nervous but the kind, understanding staff alleviated many of her fears. “The staff on the unit is fabulous.” From the comfortable room, the accommodating shower and oversized hospital gowns, Linda was impressed with the encouraging atmosphere on the Weight Loss Surgery unit.

Linda dropped 100 pounds in six months and is completely off her medications. “I have energy. I walk and my knees don’t hurt. It’s the happiest thing I’ve done and I look forward to my life ahead.”

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