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Sleep Center Services

The Miami Valley Hospital Center for Sleep and Wake Disorders (MVH Sleep Center) offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for a variety of complex sleep-related issues, especially sleep-related breathing issues. The Sleep Center gives patients one location where they can get the entire continuum of both diagnosis and care.

Learn more about what to expect during your visit to the MVH Sleep Center.


MVH Sleep Center physicians are involved with both the testing and the care of patients. This approach ensures a more thorough understanding of a patient’s condition and the opportunity for more individualized, seamless care. Patients receive a high level of care from board-certified Sleep Medicine physicians.

The MVH Sleep Center performs an array of tests including:

  • Polysomnography monitors a variety of physiological measures to accurately assess sleep, respiration, the heart, and body movements to diagnose various sleep disorders. These are usually conducted during the night but can be conducted during the day as well.
  • A polysomnogram with positive pressure adjustment (CPAP, Bi-level) often follows for patients diagnosed with sleep apnea. This test allows respiratory therapists to adjust positive pressure machines for maximum effectiveness of air pressure to stabilize respiration so the patient can sleep normally again.
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Tests are also conducted during the day. This determines the patient’s ability to fall asleep several times during the day to establish the diagnosis of narcolepsy or idiopathic hypersomnia.
  • A Maintenance Wakefulness Test is sometime necessary for truck drivers, pilots, and employees whose wakefulness is critical to their safety and to the safety of the public.

Complete Pulmonary Care

Sleep disorders are often related to a patient's ability to breathe. Since you can live without sleeping, but not without breathing, breathing functions take priority over sleep. When respiration is impaired, sleep can be seriously disrupted. Care from a MVH board-certified pulmonologist gives you a high level of expertise and care for respiratory-related issues. 

Complete Behavioral Care

Sleep disorders can also include insomnia, nightmares, nocturnal panic, and abnormal sleep behaviors. Sleep can be affected by mood disorders, depression, anxiety, panic, substance abuse, as well as a variety of habits and behaviors around sleep. A patient’s thought processes and expectations can also play a significant role in sleep disorders.

At the MVH Sleep Center, these issues are treated by a psychologist board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and a Diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine with extensive experience in treatment of these conditions.

Complementary Care

Patients suffering from sleep disorders often have other issues that exist with, or are a result of, their sleep problems. Conditions such as cardiac issues or ear, nose, and throat problems can be spotted and treated by our Sleep Medicine physicians or referred to sub-specialists.

After the Diagnosis

Sometimes, patients experience sleep testing centers that offer little care, little follow-up, or little continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) education. When patients come to MVH Sleep Center, they find extensive, long-term care from experienced sleep physicians and staff. Once symptoms have been diagnosed and treatment has been prescribed, MVH Sleep Center is one of the few facilities that take a strong, continuing interest in sleep patients and their treatment.

CPAP Service from Fidelity Heath Care

Patients of the MVH Sleep Center can receive training and service on their CPAP machines from any home care facility of their choice. Fidelity Health Care has partnered with the MVH Sleep Center to maximize continuity and quality of patient care.

A continuous positive airway pressure unit pushes air through the breathing passage at specific intervals to help sleep apnea sufferers keep their airway open and get better sleep. Fidelity Home Health Care conducts a class for each patient receiving a CPAP machine. These classes have only one or two participants, giving patients the opportunity to address their own specific concerns and get individualized attention. Fidelity maintains these home machines for patients and provides continuing education if needed.