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About Nutrition Services

The Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Nutrition Services Department provides patients and guests with excellent food, high-quality nutrition, cost-effective nutrition care, and sound nutritional education. MVH Nutrition Services employs 240 people, including 15 registered, licensed Dietitians, and three registered Dietetic Technicians. Over 10,000 meals are prepared and served by the staff each day in patient rooms and dining areas, including Rubicon Place Cafeteria, Magnolia Place Cafeteria, Valley Café, and Café Espres. We als have two Kobrick's Coffee locations—one at 40 West 4th Centre as part of our corporate offices, and one at Miami Valley South Health Campus. 

Patients are cared for by trained Dietitians who assess nutrition status, institute nutrition care plans, and conduct nutrition counseling. These nutrition experts counsel hospitalized patients as well as same-day patients. Same-day education is taught in diabetes classes at the Medical/Surgical Health Center, in cardiac rehabilitation as well as in other venues throughout the hospital. The Dietitians work closely with other team members including physicians, nurses, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Social Workers, and Pharmacists as a dedicated team to handle a patient’s every need.  Nutrition education programs are also offered to the community. The hospital’s Wellness Center employs a Dietitian who works closely with Cardiac Rehab patients and offers programs addressing individual nutrition needs.