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About Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is part of the department of Pastoral Care and Counseling of at Miami Valley Hospital (MVH). Pastoral Care is located in the Fred E. Weber Center for Health Education.

Each client served has his or her own spiritual needs. Therefore, MVH offers Pastoral care to individuals of a wide variety of faiths and traditions.

Trained staff access the need for pastoral care through:

  • Initial conversations with the patient and individual family members
  • Information from the patient record
  • Referrals/consultations with members of our healthcare team

Pastoral care is available to clients of any age. Our staff counsels individuals on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

MVH pastoral services are available to both external and internal customers. MVH considers any patient a critical external customer. Other external clients include:

  • Patients' families and friends
  • Crisis telephone callers
  • Community clergy
  • Community groups and agencies 

Internal customers include MVH:

  • Medical staff
  • Employees
  • Volunteers

Pastoral Care Team

Providing spiritual care to patients, families, and the staff of MVH, the division is staffed by:

  • One full-time manager
  • Three full-time staff chaplains
  • Six permanent part-time staff chaplains
  • One full-time Catholic chaplain
  • Twenty Eucharistic ministers

The ratio of full-time staff chaplains to patients in the hospital is approximately 1:100.

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