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Chris and Jennifer Strehle: Rocking the Baby

Chris Strehle was a more nervous first-time father-to-be than the average expecting dad. He and his wife had succeeded with in-vitro fertilization on the second attempt and now had three on the way. There are always complications with triplets. Weekly appointments and more ultrasounds than normal are routine to make sure the babies are progressing. 

Chris and his wife Jennifer attended the special classes MVH has for expectant parents of triplets. Still not feeling prepared for what was to come, Chris decided to volunteer for MVH's "Rocking the Baby" Volunteer program. Here, he helped take care of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) babies. Not only did he become confident around infants, but he also was comforted by seeing the dedication of the NICU staff. 

Jennifer had complications and was hospitalized with high blood pressure weeks before the birth. This is fairly normal with triplets. To keep Jennifer's blood pressure down, Dr. Stephen Guy delivered the triplets early by C-section. Madalyn, Matthew, and Mitchell were born at 33 weeks.

The babies received care in the NICU from a dedicated NICU neonatologist, NICU nurse, and respiratory therapist. The Strehle triplets all suffered from respiratory distress and spent two to three weeks in the NICU. 

When his triplets were born and cared for in the NICU, Chris felt they were in the best possible hands. He continues to volunteer in the NICU even though the babies are toddlers now.

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