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Ray’s Story

EmmonsHarley “Ray” Emmons was dozing off at his desk in the middle of the day. But when he fell asleep at the wheel, he knew his sleeping issues were serious.

He went to his family doctor and explained his constant fatigue. His physician suggested he be tested at the Miami Valley Hospital Center for Sleep and Wake Disorders. It was determined he has sleep apnea. “I’d never heard of the term but I had a very bad case,” Harley said.

Harley’s brother died of sleep apnea. “He was 55, and over the years the lack of oxygen deteriorated his heart.”

Emmons was fitted for a CPAP machine ten years ago and hasn’t had sleep issues since. “It has literally changed my life,” said Ray. “I can’t sleep without it and I’m not dozing off anymore. I feel great.” Ray strongly recommends that anyone feeling constant fatigue or waking up in the middle of the night see their physician. “I would definitely recommend the Sleep Center at Miami Valley Hospital.”

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