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Bonnie’s Story

MooreBonnie Moore could actually doze off at the dinner table. She was constantly tired. “I could fall asleep anywhere, any time. My husband used to tell me my favorite phrase was ‘I’m tired’.”

During a visit to her cardiologist, Bonnie learned that her heart rhythm was off. Her doctor suggested that she go to the Miami Valley Hospital Center for Sleep and Wake Disorders (MVH Sleep Center). “He told me that heart rhythms are often related to sleep problems,” she said, “so I went.”

Sleep tests conducted at the Sleep Center indicated that Bonnie indeed had sleeping problems. “I guess I woke up a lot in the night, snored and wasn’t really getting a good night’s sleep. It was actually taking a toll on my heart,” said Bonnie. She was equipped with a CPAP machine and, according to Bonnie, it took one night to get used to it. The rest is sweet-dreams history.

Bonnie draws up contracts at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and before she visited the Sleep Center staying awake all day at work was difficult. These days, she has more energy and feels great.

“I wake up rested and I’m not tired all the time. It’s made a huge difference in my life.” Bonnie recommends the MVH Sleep Center. “If you are always tired, get to the Sleep Center. Go see your doctor and take your spouse. Be honest with your doctor. Your spouse can testify to how poorly you sleep.”

Bonnie said the Sleep Center is comfortable, safe, and quiet. “The staff made me feel important and took such great care of me. They explained everything. There is absolutely no reason to feel afraid or nervous.”

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