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Cardiology Overview

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Cardiac Services has been ranked among the best in Ohio for Cardiology Services and received a 5-Star rating for Cardiology Services.  Learn more.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in America. According to the American Heart AssociationOff Site Icon one person in four currently has some form of heart disease.

Philosophy of Care

At MVH, our goal is to prevent heart disease as well as treat it. We encourage you and your family to become actively involved in your heart care― from prevention to treatment to recovery.

MVH cardiac services feature advanced diagnostic technology, advanced treatment options, and ongoing rehabilitation to help you achieve optimal "heart health." Our board-certified physicians provide the most personalized cardiac care and emergency treatment in the Dayton area.

MVH Cardiology is committed to using new technology to save more lives. Innovative treatments such as cryoablation that can correct heart rhythm, EP studies that spot the heart's electrical problems earlier, and less-invasive off-pump coronary bypass surgeries, are a few of the ways heart specialists at MVH continue to improve patient outcomes. 

MVH Cardiology is also leading an effort in cardiac preventative care with Premier HeartWorks, an inexpensive and complete heart workup program to help identify risk factors so patients can tend to their health now, and potentially avoid a heart attack later.

Learn more about MVH’s award-winning Cardiovascular Services and Procedures.

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