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Nancy Unger’s Story

 Nancy Unger
Nancy's Video CO

Nancy Unger, a knowledgeable retired nurse, was determined to persuade her husband, Robert, to schedule an appointment for the Premier HeartWorks program. She was willing to do anything, even schedule an appointment at the same time, to convince him to complete the diagnostic testing.

Little did Nancy know that her concern for Robert would have a direct and positive impact on her life.

The testing experience was a good one for Nancy and Robert, but when they went back two weeks later for follow-ups; Nancy was surprised to hear the results. Eighty-three-year-old Robert passed all the tests, while she failed every one. Nancy was startled to learn her BMI was more than 30 and her cholesterol hovered over 200. She immediately scheduled a visit with her doctor.

In the five months following Nancy’s completion of the HeartWorks diagnostic program, she lost 27 pounds and one full dress size. Her doctor prescribed an increased dosage of cholesterol-lowering medication, which dropped her combined LDL/HDL score to about 160. As part of Nancy’s HeartWorks personalized program, she learned some life-altering, but simple strategies such as like food portion control and new ways to increase physical activity. Now she has increased drive and motivation to stay healthy permanently.

Nancy believes that Premier HeartWorks can be life-changing for anyone. “I would hope that my story will inspire any woman to go through the program,” she said. “It’s that simple.”