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Robert Brown’s Story


Robert Brown
Robert's Video CO

Robert Brown, a retired Army Sergeant, is no stranger to health and fitness. But last year, a family member’s health scare caused him to stand up and take notice. After reading about the Premier HeartWorks program in a hospital circular, Robert took the crucial first step and made a phone call that set him on the path to a healthier future.

Robert was motivated to schedule an appointment with Premier HeartWorks after his older sister had heart bypass surgery. Her unusually high cholesterol level was found during a routine stress test.

“Seeing what my sister went through was the only motivation I needed,” said Robert. “Many people don’t realize that they have high cholesterol or blood pressure until it’s too late. Had my sister been aware of the importance of early detection, she may have prevented her high cholesterol, and consequently, the bypass surgery.”

Robert’s testing experience was pleasant and painless from start to finish. “The staff at HeartWorks was cordial and kept me relaxed throughout the process,” he said.  During his follow-up visit, Robert discovered that while his total cholesterol was in the healthy range, his HDL cholesterol was too low. The HeartWorks cardiologist recommended a slight change in diet and more frequent exercise program.

Robert was so impressed with HeartWorks that he recommended the program to his son Kumar, who is overweight and pre-diabetic. After Kumar completed the program, the two made a pact to help each other reach their health and fitness goals. 

“Have I changed my habits? Yes. But more importantly, the diagnostic testing at Premier HeartWorks opened my eyes to the state of my son’s health as well,” said Robert. “Without realizing it, I was able to lead by example through encouragement. This opened the door to a healthier life for both of us.”