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Marcia Lutz’s Story

Marcia's Video CO

Her blood pressure was a bit on the high side but other than that Marcia Lutz felt good and was enjoying retirement. After years of teaching first grade, Marcia was living the good life. She was accompanying her husband Larry to cardiac rehab at Miami Valley Hospital and mentioned to a staff member disappointment in not being able to lose weight and concern about her elevated blood pressure. They recommended an in-depth work up and offered Premier HeartWorks as an option. “I went and it saved my life. This is an amazing service that Miami Valley Hospital offers the community,” said Lutz.

Lutz learned during the 60-minute screening that her cardiac calcium score was very high. Calcium scoring uses a CT to check for the buildup of calcium in plaque on the walls of the arteries of the heart. It was recommended that she confer with a cardiologist and on Oct. 15, 2008 she received a stent to open an artery that was almost totally closed. “They caught me before I had a heart attack, before I had any heart damage. Everyone got me where I needed to be, they walked me through it,” said Lutz.

The mother of two grown sons and grandmother of two grandsons, Lutz believes the screening at Premier HeartWorks saved her life. “My father died at age 56 of a massive heart attack, I probably should have been more aware.” Lutz opted for the complete screening at HeartWorks that includes the calcium screening for $198. She has encouraged friends to get to HeartWorks. “This is so inexpensive and it saved my life.”

These days Marcia and Larry Lutz work out three days a week at the cardiac rehab unit at Miami Valley Hospital. “It’s more than cardiac rehab, it’s a support group. It helps us physically and emotionally,” said Larry.

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