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The Pain Center

The Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Pain Center is the premier provider of pain management services in the Dayton area.

At the MVH Pain Center, comprehensive pain management consultations are available for patients with cancer and a variety of other conditions. We have access to the latest pain management techniques and pain specialists including:

  • A pain physician
  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Registered nurses
  • Patient care technicians

Cancer and the Pain Center

Since each patient has different perceptions of pain and tolerances for pain, MVH Pain Center program creates an individual treatment plan for each patient based on a holistic approach. MVH cancer patients may be referred to the Pain Center by their oncologist (a specialist in cancer) or family doctor for evaluation.

Pain Management Therapies

Pain from cancer can exist in many different locations in the body and can be caused by a variety of sources. The MVH Pain Center evaluates the source of the pain before deciding the optimal treatment plan. Sometimes the source of the pain can be removed or reduced through surgeryradiation, and/or chemotherapy.

When the source of the pain has been optimally treated, any pain that remains may require medication in combination with non-medicinal therapies. Combinations of medications are usually most effective and reduce the amount of opiate (narcotic) needed for pain control. Sometimes, blocking the nerves involved in the pain with local anesthetic (numbing agent) can reduce the overall medication requirement.

Pain Management Plans

A consultation with the pain physician helps determine which treatments are likely to be most effective depending on the type of pain. Once a pain management plan has been established, the pain doctor confers with the patient’s oncologist for the ongoing management of pain.

For the cancer patient who has already maximized medications and/or has intolerable side effects from medications, an implantable morphine pump may be an option for consideration.

The Pain Center program works with the physician and the patient to do a trial period on an external pump. This helps the physician determine if an implantable pump would improve the overall quality of the patient's life. Medications are adjusted for the optimal dose for that patient. The goal is to gives the patient maximal relief while minimizing side effects.

Learn more about the MVH Pain Center.

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