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Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Pharmacy Services

Providing optimal care to each individual patient often requires a multidisciplinary team approach and Pharmacy Services is part of the team.

One of the major roles of the MVH pharmacist is to prepare and dispense medications while ensuring these drugs are safe and effective for each patient. Our pharmacists review medication orders and evaluate the medication profile for drug interactions, duplicate therapy, patient allergies and appropriate dosing.

Pharmacists provide drug information to the medical and nursing staff as well as to patients. MVH Pharmacy Services works with Nutrition Services to implement and manage nutrition for cancer patients.

With each treatment modality, there may be side effects that must be managed to preserve or improve the patient’s quality of life. Our pharmacists can offer recommendations for medications to help control side effects such as nausea, vomiting, pain and anemia. Throughout their interaction with other health care professionals – physicians, nurses and support staff – MVH pharmacists constantly strive to ensure high quality care for oncology patients.

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