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Chemotherapy and Infusion Therapy at Miami Valley Hospital

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) provides patients with chemotherapy and infusion therapy services in a calm and welcoming environment. Chemotherapy is the use of drugs that kill cancer cells. Most patients receive chemotherapy by mouth or through a vein. Either way, the drugs enter the bloodstream and can affect cancer cells all over the body.


Chemotherapy is usually given in cycles. People receive treatment for one or more days. Then they have a recovery period of several days or weeks before the next treatment session.

Most people have their treatment in an outpatient part of the hospital, at the doctor’s office, or at home. Some may need to stay in the hospital during chemotherapy.

Side effects depend on the specific drugs and the dose. The drugs affect cancer cells and other cells that divide rapidly:

  • Blood cells - When drugs damage healthy blood cells, you are more likely to get infections, to bruise or bleed easily, and to feel very weak and tired.
  • Cells in hair roots - Chemotherapy can cause hair loss. Your hair will grow back, but it may be somewhat different in color and texture.
  • Cells that line the digestive tract - Chemotherapy can cause poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea or mouth and lip sores.

Some drugs can affect fertility. Women may be unable to become pregnant and men may not be able to father a child.

There are some risks with chemotherapy, but the benefits usually outweigh the risks. Although the side effects of chemotherapy can be distressing, most of them are temporary. Your doctor can usually treat or control them.

Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy provides you with fluid, blood or blood product, nutritional product, or targeted therapies, directly into the bloodstream. Proper administration of intravenous (IV) drug therapy is administered by MVH’s highly trained nursing staff.

When providing infusion therapy, MVH pharmacists work closely with your physicians, nurses, and dietitians to monitor your condition and adjust your treatment.

Our comprehensive infusion therapy services include:

  • Antibiotic treatment infusions
  • Blood product administration
  • Blood transfusions
  • Chemotherapy
  • Intravenous hydration
  • IV therapy/injections
Learn more about What to expect with chemotherapy and infusion therapy at MVH.

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