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Everyone Has a Different Story

Diagnosed in 2002 at age 72, Jeanne Fecke underwent a mastectomy (the surgical removal of the entire breast) and follow-up chemotherapy. Each month –almost without fail – Jeanne attends “Still Me,” the breast cancer support group at Miami Valley Hospital (MVH).

Christy Hoffman, the youngest of the group, received her diagnosis in 2008 at the age of 34. After MVH physicians found cancer in Christy’s right breast, she chose to have a double mastectomy (the surgical removal of both breasts), followed by breast reconstruction. Christy, who has two young sons, is a special education assistant in the Fairborn school system and is completing her degree in early childhood education at Antioch College/McGregor.

Following Bertha Martin’s diagnosis in December 2006, her MVH surgeon performed a mastectomy on her right breast. Bertha’s ongoing care has included both radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Throughout her experience with cancer, Bertha has found helpful information and welcome support at the “Still Me” support group.

Sandi Schaeff’s diagnosis came a year ago, when she was 53. Her MVH treatment plan included a lumpectomy (a surgical procedure that removes the cancerous tumor but leaves the breast intact) and the removal of three cancerous lymph nodes. She, too, had follow-up chemotherapy for several months.

An executive property manager, Sandi did not miss a day of work during the course of her treatment. Sherry – a long-term survivor – was just 43 when she was diagnosed in 1991.

Surgeons removed her left breast, and she had follow-up chemotherapy. Today, Sandi continues to keep the books for husband Jim’s home improvement company.

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