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Elaine Cope: The Importance of Mammograms

At age 47, after a routine mammogram, Elaine Cope was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer at Miami Valley Hospital (MVH). Emotionally, it was very difficult to share this news with her family. She called her husband right away. “He was very nervous,” said Elaine. “His father died of cancer and he thought I was going to die immediately.” Elaine’s son and daughter were both shocked and supportive.

A month later, Elaine had a mastectomy. She received chemotherapy for one year and radiation therapy for another six weeks. Nine months later, she had reconstructive surgery that failed. After that, she decided not to try reconstructive surgery again and to stay with her breast prosthesis.

Dr. Randy Woods was Elaine’s surgeon. “He was excellent,” said Elaine. “He is the most caring man I’ve met next to my dad.” Elaine also speaks highly of the MVH surgical staff.

“Today I’m doing fine,” said Elaine. “I’ve been cancer free for almost three years. I’m glad I caught the cancer when did.”

Elaine is a very positive, hopeful person who inspires other women. She wants to share her story so other women realize how important it is to get regular mammograms.

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