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Clinical Research

Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine and Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) partnered to form the Wright State University (WSU) & Premier Health (Premier) Neuroscience InstituteOff Site Icon. The goal of the institute is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders, such as stroke, by accelerating the transfer of research discoveries to caring for patients at the bedside. This partnership will benefit patients with a variety of neurological disorders and attracts funding for advanced biomedical research to the Dayton community.

About the WSU & Premier Neuroscience Institute

The WSU & Premier Neuroscience Institute is a major public-private initiative that partners the Dayton region’s strongest biomedical research institution with the clinical resources of the region’s leading hospital system. MVH has made a major investment ($4.35 million over five years) to create a new Department of Neurology within the WSU Boonshoft School of Medicine. The investment includes long-term support for clinical neurologists and university-based neuroscientists performing critical research of stroke and movement disorders.

The Boonshoft School of Medicine has talented neuroscientists, along with excellent core resources and equipment for cutting-edge laboratory research, including microscopic imaging, genomics, proteomics, and electrophysiology. A primary focus of their research is nervous system disorders that affect movement. The Premier system has a large and diverse patient base that provides an excellent opportunity for high-quality research and clinical trials.

About the Partnership

Premier and MVH have enjoyed a strong relationship for many years with Wright State and the school of medicine. Many medical students, residents, and nurses received their clinical training at MVH. The partnership helps both MVH and the Boonshoft School of Medicine expand their capacity for innovation and will carry the Dayton community into a new age of discovery and leadership in the areas of science and medicine. Together, we will be the leaders in the study of neuroscience.

The WSU and Premier Health Neuroscience Institute at MVH is the critical centerpiece for conducting neuroscience research and moves the research results from the lab to the bedside. The department chair and other clinical neurologists recruited to the department form the nucleus for collaboration with the school of medicine’s talented group of National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded neuroscientists.

Goals of the Neuroscience Institute

WSU and Premier are committed to investing significant fiscal resources to provide improved neurological care for the Dayton community as well as longer-term clinical trials, and continuing research. “By leveraging our considerable National Institutes of Health-funded research strengths along with Premier’s extensive clinical resources, we will make breakthroughs in a broad range of neurologic disorders,” explains David R. Hopkins, president of WSU.

The NIH provides financial support for the advancement of their mission of enhancing health, extending healthy life, and reducing the burdens of illness and disability. They conduct and support medical research helping lead the way toward important medical discoveries that improve people’s health and save lives.

Benefits to Our Community

The institute is the centerpiece for conducting neuroscience research, and it promotes ways to move the results of that research directly from the laboratory to the bedside. This means we provide outstanding neurological care to the community and create a clinical and research enterprise that is pivotal for the region's economic recovery. Joint research activities and related investments will have a direct economic impact on our community, amounting to tens of millions of dollars over the next five years. The emergence of a strong neuroscience institute through this collaboration is a watershed accomplishment for the Dayton region.

This partnership helps attract additional neurology specialists and provides improved access to neurological care in our area. It also enhances the ability of WSU’s researchers to attract federal grants and major clinical trials to our region.

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