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Family Beginnings Birthing Center

Family Beginnings is the only natural birth center located inside a hospital that has been accredited in the state of Ohio. We believe childbirth is a natural process and is a spiritual journey for the family. Family Beginnings empowers the family and fosters self-responsibility for the birth of the baby. This involves the family making choices about nursing support during labor and birth.


The center has a home-like environment with high-tech interventions close at hand. We listen to the baby's heartbeat with a Doppler (ultrasound device) for maximum assurance of health. We encourage you to share the experience of birth with family and friends.

Our nurses are dedicated to the natural childbirth process and are experienced in natural childbirth labor support. They assist, support, and guide the family using natural childbirth tools. The family uses movement, aromatherapy, music, positioning, labor tools, and water therapy to cope with labor and birth. Nurses encourage the mother to use positions for delivery that feel right to her. Each room is equipped with a large Jacuzzi® for water births.

At Miami Valley Hospital, we are baby-friendly. For postpartum care, Family Beginnings has 24-hour rooming-in with no separation of the family unit unless complications arise. We encourage breastfeeding; therefore, pacifiers or formula supplements are not given without parental consent or medical necessity. Your stay may be from six to 48 hours.

Family Beginnings is a program of care that includes education, a prenatal visit, care during hospitalization, and postpartum phone calls. Enrollment into the program is required in order to utilize Family Beginnings for your birth. Sign up occurs by attending an orientation class or calling (937) 208-4597. Please see the instructions below to determine what steps you need to complete to enroll.

First Time Mothers

Orientation: You must attend a Family Beginnings Orientation Class. Sign up for this class by calling (937) 208-BABY (2229) or enroll online.

The orientation class is a one-hour group class and includes a tour of the birth center. Ideally, you would attend this class during your second trimester, around 22-32 weeks. This class explains the philosophy of Family Beginnings, what to expect, and the required paperwork. It is highly recommended that both you and your support person attend this class.

Childbirth Education Classes: First time parents are required to attend Childbirth Education Classes. Miami Valley Hospital offers childbirth education classes specific to Family Beginnings. However, you can attend any childbirth class of you choosing (Bradley, hypnobirthing, or classes taught by a Doula or other health care facility.)

Prenatal Visit: The Family Beginnings prenatal visit occurs at 36 weeks.  When you are 34-35 weeks along, please schedule your appointment by calling us directly at (937) 208-4597. The appointment takes approximately 45 minutes. We will be asking you questions regarding your health history, have you sign consents, and collecting paperwork given to you during the orientation class. Please bring your license and insurance card with you. Although your support person is welcome, his/her participation during this appointment is not required.

For mothers expecting their second (or higher) child, who have not had a previous birth at Family Beginnings, step #1 and #3 are required. You are not required to repeat childbirth education classes; however, we do offer an optional Family Beginnings Refresher (Labor Coping) class. This is a three-hour course that reviews methods of coping with natural childbirth and information regarding use of the tub (hydrotherapy) during labor and birth.  Enroll online or call (937) 208-BABY (2229).

Returning Mothers

If you have already had a birth experience with Family Beginnings, please call and speak directly to a Family Beginnings nurse, (937) 208-4597, to discuss re-enrollment and requirements.

Late Enrollment

If you are 34 weeks or more weeks of gestation, please speak to a Family Beginnings nurse directly to discuss late enrollment options (937) 208-4597.


Please call us at (937) 208-4597 if you have any questions or concerns regarding birthing options or maternity services. We look forward to meeting you and being part of your birth experience. To register for classes or for a physician referral, call (937) 208-BABY (2229).

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