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Genetic Testing

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) offers BRCA genetic testing to help women learn about their predisposition for breast cancer. Our High Risk Breast Cancer Center has a full-time genetic counselor that can discuss options and address your concerns.

To schedule a mammogram, call (937) 208-2080.

To schedule an appointment with the High Risk Breast Cancer Center, call (937) 438-3810.

Genetic Counseling and Testing

Although most breast cancers occur in women who do not have a strong family history of the disease, approximately 10 percent are linked to a genetic predisposition for breast cancer.

Researchers have identified certain genes that, when changed or modified, increase the risk for developing breast and ovarian cancer. In particular, women who have a change in the genes called the BRCA genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) have a significantly increased chance for developing breast cancer or ovarian cancer.

Genetic counseling can help women explore their family histories and understand the impact genetics may have on cancer risks. Depending on their personal or family history, some women may decide to have specific genes studied.

Genetic testing may help women learn whether or not they have an increased likelihood of developing certain cancers or whether inherited factors have contributed to their family history of cancer.

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