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MVH and Beavercreek Schools Team Up to Promote Healthy Eating

Beavercreek/MVHDayton, OH (May 19, 2010) – First lady Michelle Obama is making a commitment to get American kids healthier.  Miami Valley Hospital and Beavercreek City Schools are getting on her band wagon. The two have teamed up to make students more aware of healthy eating habits. Now students in the system’s high school and two middle schools can check out a nutrition kiosk set up in the high school cafeteria to obtain tips and information about healthy and wise food choices.

The idea for a cafeteria kiosk came from the district’s student nutrition supervisor, Connie Little. Little explains that the cafeteria location made sense since that is the area of the school where mealtime choices are made.

Little and hospital dieticians developed the design for the kiosks which feature brightly colored graphics and display boards with the heading NEWS, an acronym for Nutrition Education and Wellness for Students.

The kiosks were constructed by recycling outdated classroom audio visual carts and outfitting them with display boards donated by MVH.  To make the displays interactive a laptop computer, purchased with points earned from one of the district’s food vendors, is incorporated into the design of each kiosc. Using the laptop students can access hundreds of articles on nutrition topics.

Miami Valley Hospital’s dietetic interns worked with Little to develop the initial content for the kiosks. A range of topics are covered such as food portions, fast food facts, beverage choices, importance of having fruits vegetables in your diet and physical activity.

MVH dietetic interns were on hand at the launch of the kiosks to assist students in retrieving nutritional information and answering questions. 

"Our goal is to help students make better mealtime choices, and these kiosks are designed to draw their attention before they reach the point of purchase," said Little.  "By incorporating technology, we hope to engage students' interest and show them that healthy choices really are the best choices."

The kiosks will be officially dedicated to Beavercreek students during National School Lunch Week in October 2011. 

“According to the American Heart Association one in three American kids and teens is diagnosed as being overweight,” says Cheryl Woodward, who serves as a liaison between the hospital and the school district.

“Getting students to think about good nutrition is what this program is all about,” Woodward adds, “Beavercreek is one of our four partnership schools. We hope to introduce kiosks to our other partner schools next year.”

The kiosks are available to students during cafeteria hours.