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Iris' Story

Iris Bradley laid in bed while wearing a special pump to treat her Sickle Cell Anemia and fell asleep while smoking a cigarette. She was treated at the MVH Burn Center for minor burns. Unfortunately, Iris didn’t learn her lesson. A year later, the same thing happened again. This time, she was not as lucky. The resulting third-degree burns covered 80 percent of her body, and her pump was destroyed in the process. Iris suffered from depression after this time, common among burn patients, and often thought that dying was a better option than coping with the unbearable pain and long healing process. 

But Iris was not one to be kept down long. She opted to have surgery that would give her arm, which was severely damaged by the burn, more mobility. In addition to the support of her daughter and grandchildren, Iris was motivated by a desire to get back to school at Wright State University, where she was pursuing a degree in Humanities, Political Science, and African Studies.  

Iris had skin grafts, some using revolutionary new artificial skin. Despite the constant risk of infection that all burn patients face and complications of her Sickle Cell Anemia, Iris healed quickly.

This is the goal of the multidisciplinary team which treats each burn patient individually at MVH: By monitoring progress and special conditions, as well as following evidence-based medicine and constantly adjusting care for best success has proven to catch setbacks quickly and heal patients faster. 

There are still issues resulting from the scars left by her burns, but Iris pursues yoga to relax, stretch her skin, and restore movement. Incidentally, Iris has quit smoking.